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Alith offers a wide variety of raids and social events each week, for members of all levels of experience!

All our Raids & Events are organised on our Discord server, join our server now so you can get involved!

By assigning yourself the @event-alert role in the #intro-and-alert-role channel in Discord, you will be notified each time a new event/raid is posted.

Here is a summary of all our Raiding & Events channels in Discord:

#upcoming-events - List of scheduled events. Clicking on a date will take you straight to sign-up.
#official-events - All official FC raids & social events are posted in this channel, for members to sign up on! 
#member-events - Members are welcome to advertise their own events on this channel, provided they do not clash with any events posted on #official-events.
#raiding-visual-aid - For guides and other useful, raid related, information.

FC-led raids and events are posted in #official-events. 

They can be identified by the "FC" tag on the title of the events.  Our raids are led by a very dedicated team of Event Leaders, who do a great job at ensuring that the events are always relaxed, friendly, fun and pressure-free. Official events will normally be posted up to a week in advance. 

You can identify our Event Leaders on Discord and in-game by their unique role. These individuals volunteer their time alongside other commitments, so there may be days without official events posted!

Learning Raids/Trials

For those who have just started or are still learning the basics of the FFXIV endgame and are looking for a casual, patient, supportive group to learn the content with, while having fun! No prior experience needed.

Completion Raids/Trials

For people that are familiar with all of the mechanics and their job and just need practice in order to get that clear!

Experienced Raids/Trials

For people that know their job, know the raid and just want a group to clear quickly having fun with no fuss. 

Casual Content & Unsync Farms

These can be a wide variety of events, from mount farms, to treasure maps, to PvP or even Crafting! 

Funday Sunday

Every week we’ll hold a regular hour of fun and games, starting at the FC house! Ranging from games of skill, to a test of the mind - all of our members of any experience level can join in! And don’t forget, there’s always a gil prize up for grabs… 


Member Awards Ceremony

A quarterly award ceremony, held at the FC house, for our members to recognise their fellow Alithians for various kind and humorous acts throughout the year.


Seasonal Events

Throughout the year we’ll have several organised seasonal events, with fun and games for our members to take part in (as well as the chance to win some prizes)!

  • Endgame content can be a challenging experience and you should be prepared for some wipes. Some members will be more experienced than others so please remain patient, understanding, and supportive and do not put pressure on others in the group.

  • We cannot guarantee that the run will be successful, so, we'd ask that you come along with a relaxed, casual attitude and appreciate the fact that some runs will be successful and some won't.

  • Log in at least 15 minutes before the start time, to ensure the group is formed up and able to start on time. If you are going to be late, please notify the Event Leader, but be aware we may need to take the next person who signed-up to avoid delaying the rest of the group.

  • Raids & events will normally last for 2 hours unless otherwise specified, please ensure you can stay for the whole event before signing up.

  • Let the Event Leader know ASAP if you won’t be able to make an event, you can do this using the ‘absent’ reaction on the event post and supplying a reason via DM.

  • When the Event Leader is providing callouts/instructions over voice, please keep any chatter to text-chat to make sure they can be heard.

  • For Completion/ Experienced raids, please make sure you have not already received your weekly loot (when the weekly loot cap is in force) so the party receives 2 chests (unless you are signing as ‘bench’ and have advised the Event Leader.)

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