Welcome to the raids & events, Alithians!

Alith offers a wide variety of raids and social events each week, for members of all levels of experience!

All our Raids & Events are organised on our Discord server, join our server now so you can view & sign up to our raids and events.

In our Discord, you can tag yourself to be notified of all upcoming raids and events, by assigning yourself the

@event-alert role. Every time an event is posted you will get pinged, so you can sign up asap.

Here is a summary of all our Raiding & Events channels in Discord:

#upcoming-events - List of scheduled events. Clicking on a date will take you straight to sign-up.
#official-events - All official FC raids & social events are posted in this channel, for members to sign up on! 
#member-events - Members are welcome to advertise their own events on this channel, provided they do not clash with any events posted on #official-events.
#event-polls - Polls for upcoming raids & events are posted in this channel, to be voted on by members. 
#raiding-support - For guides and other useful, raid related, information.

FC-led raids and events are posted every day in #official-events. 

Our raids are led by a very dedicated team of Raid Leaders, who do a great job at ensuring that the raids are always relaxed, friendly, fun and pressure-free. Each raid leader has a designated day and they will be posting their raid every week, 3 days in advance. That means if a raid is going to take place on a Friday, it will be posted by Tuesday. Our Raid Leaders volunteer their time alongside other commitments, so there may be days without official raids posted, or another Leader may step in for that day.

Disdemona Astrosa - Raid Officer (Officer) Wednesday

Spicy Meatballs - Deputy Raid Officer (Officer) Tuesday

Aeron Ellsworth - Raid Team Leader Thursday/Saturday
Belazarus Alith - Senior Raid Leader (FC Leader) Sunday

Evan Aelsentis - Senior Raid Leader Friday

Erysia Rihn - Raid Leader Sunday

Josie Duskbloom - Raid Leader Monday

Learning Raids

For those who have just started or are still learning the basics of the FFXIV raids and are looking for a casual, patient, supportive group to learn the content with, while having fun! No prior experience needed.

Completion Raids

For people that are familiar with all of the mechanics and their job and just need practice in order to get that clear!

Experienced Raids

For people that know their job, know the raid and just want a group to clear quickly having fun with no fuss. 

Farms & Older Content Clears

For those that need to get that elusive mount, or want to clear older trials and raids for the first time. Those raids do not require prior knowledge of raiding and are open to anyone regardless of experience.

Funday Sunday

Every week we’ll hold a regular hour of fun and games, starting at the FC house! Ranging from games of skill, to a test of the mind - all of our members of any experience level can join in! And don’t forget, there’s always a gil prize up for grabs… 


Member Awards Ceremony

A monthly award ceremony, held at the FC house, for our members to recognise their fellow Alithians for various kind and humorous acts throughout the month.


Seasonal Events

Throughout the year we’ll have several organised seasonal events, with fun and games for our members to take part in (as well as the chance to win some prizes)!

Raids can be a challenging experience and you should be prepared for some deaths. Please remain patient, understanding, and supportive and do not put pressure on other group members. Raid leaders and officers will, of course, do the same.

We cannot guarantee that the run will be successful, so, we'd ask that you come along with a relaxed, casual attitude and appreciate the fact that some runs will be successful and some won't. Some members will be more experienced than others and we don't want anyone to be made to feel like they're "not good enough". The key is for us to have fun and not take the whole thing too seriously, so no raging please!


Please check raid rule specifics on each raid event posted. General rules applying to all raids are as follows:


  1. Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time, to ensure the raid group is formed up and able to start on time.
    Invites for the group go out 15 minutes before the start and if you are not present by that time, you may risk being replaced. We can't hold up other members as a result of 1 member running late.


  2. If you sign up for an event, please ensure that you can commit to the start time specified, and have the time available to remain for the whole event. 

  3. Please don't leave or go AFK during the raid, expecting to come back at a later time, as that will hold up the entire raid and isn't fair on the rest of the attendees.

  4. After signing up for an event, even as a reserve (bench), if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours ahead, unless there is an emergency.
    In the case of an emergency cancellation please make sure you respond to the Raid Bot’s direct message with the reason for the cancellation.

  5. During the raid, we would kindly request that we maintain Discord silence during the time the Raid Leader is issuing commands & coordinating.

  6. For Completion and Experienced raids please ensure you have not already cleared & received your weekly reward, as this will compromise the rewards for the rest of the party members.
    An exception can be made for people with the clear to attend a Completion or Experienced raid, with the consent of everyone in the party, in order to complete the raid. If you have already cleared for the week, you can only sign up on the bench, in case we need a filler.



In order to keep the raids fun, respectful and drama-free, we expect all attendees to behave in line with our guild values. Therefore we reserve the right to impose a 2-week raiding ban from all raids, in the event of the below:


- 3 occasions of not showing up for a raid (No-Shows)

- 5 delays (late arrival to the raid, going AFK without permission, etc)

- 3 disruptions (i.e. causing an argument, blaming individuals, rage quitting etc.) or any combination of all these


If more than 2 months have passed after an incident and no further incidents occur, the record will be erased.  


Upon re-joining the raid following a ban, if any offences are subsequently repeated then we reserve the right to impose a permanent raiding ban.


If you have any questions regarding our raiding, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Raid Leaders or Officers.

Discord Event Post Rundown:

  1. Name of the raid leader responsible for the raid/event.

  2. Event or raid name (as shown in the Duty Finder).

  3. Description, information and requirements to participate.

  4. Date and time that the raid/event will take place.
    GMT+0 is the current Server Time.

  5. Number of people currently signed up to the event as attending

  6. Roles and number of people signed up, summarised.

  7. This number shows priority based on sign up.
    (The person signing up second will have the number 2 in front of their name and so on)

  8. Members signed up as “Bench” and people that have cancelled after signing up.

  9. Closing date and time for sign-ups.

  10. Role reactions. Clicking on one will result in sign-up.

  11. All-rounder reaction. Handy for members that can play all roles.

  12. Bench reaction. For members that do not want to take up a spot, but would like to be placed on standby in case it’s not full by the start time.

  13. Absence reaction. For cancelling participation. Upon clicking on it the member name will be shown on the absence section and a direct message requesting the reason will be sent by the bot to the member declaring the absence.


Signing up for an event or raid is a simple case of "reacting" to the post by clicking on the appropriate role reaction icon. Please read the information and requirements for participation in each raid, as well as the date and time of the raid/event and only react with the specific intention and availability to attend.


Most raids will have a maximum party size of 8, made up of 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 4 DPS (unless otherwise specified for the particular content.) Priority will be given based on both sign-up number and role to meet the party composition needed. Firstly for individuals marked as attending, and then bench. 


Raid Leaders or Officers might post polls for upcoming events or raids in #event-polls.

Event and raid polls can comprise a selection of options for members to vote on, or a yes or no choice. 


Raid-specific polls:

Will be posted 7 days in advance of the raid day and will close 3 days before the raid. 

If enough participation is shown through the poll, a raid will be posted on the day of the closing of the poll by the raid leader responsible. The raid leader owning the poll will be the raid leader responsible for the raid. The raid option with the majority vote will run, subject to the total number of votes being at least 5 members, excluding the raid leader. If not, no raid will be posted for that day during that week. 

Reacting to a poll does not guarantee participation in the raid. Members will have to sign up to the raid once posted on #official-events.


Event-specific polls:

Will be posted well in advance and will bear the date of the proposed event. Depending on participation and popularity an event might be posted after the closing of these polls. Reacting to a poll does not guarantee participation in the event and so members might have to sign up to an event if posted on #official-events.

“How to use” for members

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