Relic Weapons & Tools arrive with Patch 5.25

Updated: Mar 27

The long awaited return of Relic Weapons is here, with the arrival of Patch 5.25! This latest instalment introduces not just the start of the new relic weapons (resistance weapons) & quest line, but also the introduction of the very first relic crafting & gathering tools too! Warriors of light can now develop their crafters & gatherers by attaining & progressing these new "Skysteel Tools" over in Ishgard. Not only were we treated to both of these, but we were also pleasantly surprised with a brand new trial (both normal AND extreme mode), which is unlocked as part of the main relic weapon questline. We cant wait to see all our Alithians flaunting their new shiny relic weapons and tools, as well as tackling the new trial together!

Click Here to read the Full Patch Notes

Click Here to visit the Patch 5.2 Minisite

Here's a summary of all the new content which arrived with Patch 5.25:

  • New Relic Weapon Story Quests - Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr

  • New Skysteel Tool Quests

  • New Trial: Memoria Misera (Normal & Extreme)

  • Various other smaller changes (see patch notes for details)

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Belazarus & The Alith Officers

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