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Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn has arrived, which begins to bring our story to an end as we start to build up to the upcoming expansion Endwalker! 5.5 includes the first of two parts of the main story quest, which promises to be exciting.

In addition to the new main story quests, this patch is packed with other new content for us all to enjoy. Including the third and final YoRHa Nier Raid, a brand new dungeon, a new weapon trial, new unreal trial, and heaps of other new side content too!

Which of the new content will you be diving into first? Why not join in the hype train, in our "announcement-hype" and "spoiler-chat" Discord channels, where you can rant & rave about all your latest adventures in patch 5.5 with your fellow Alithians! We highly recommend visiting the Patch 5.5 special mini-site, or have a read of the full patch notes to get ALL the details. If you're just looking for a quick snapshot or overview of what new content has arrived with 5.5, we've got you covered just below!

Visit Patch 5.5 Mini-Site Now

Read Patch 5.5 Notes Now

Patch 5.5 - Content Summary

  • New Main Story Quests (Death Unto Dawn Part 1)

  • New "YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse" Raid: The Tower at Paradigm's Breach

  • New Dungeon: Paglth'an

  • New "Chronicles of a new Era: The Sorrow of Werlyt" Quests

  • New Weapon Trial: "The Cloud Deck" (Diamond Weapon) - Normal & EX

  • New Unreal Trial: The Whorleater (Leviathan)

  • New Triple Triad Cards & Deck Rules

  • Multiple Bozjan Southern Front Improvements

  • Ishgardian Restoration Updates (Including "Fetes" added)

  • New Custom Delivery NPC

Other Changes

  • New Side Quests

  • Blue Mage Updates (Active Sets now also save Hotbar Slots)

  • PS5 Open Beta

  • Explorer Mode Updates

  • New Game+ New Chapters Added

  • Treasure Map rewards updated

  • New Housing Items

  • New Orchestrion Rolls

  • New Aquarium Fish

  • Various Job Adjustments

  • Various PvP Adjustments

  • New Prizes available for MGP at Gold Saucer

  • New Faux Hollows & Wonderous Tails rewards

  • Weekly Restriction on rewards in Eden's Promise removed

  • New Crafting Recipes & Items

  • Several Fishing and Ocean Fishing Updates

  • New Mounts & Minions

  • New Achievements & Achievement System Updates

  • Adjustments to Duty Finder, Emotes Menu and Sticker Mode (G-Pose)

Coming shortly after, in Patch 5.55

  • New "Save The Queen Battlefield": Zadnor!


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