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Onwards to The Bozjan Southern Front!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Suit up Alithians, The Bozjan Southern front is here, and Alith will do our part in the battle! Patch 5.35 is here, and with it the latest in large scale PvE content, call it the latest "Eureka" if you will. Join in the battle with 72 players, in assisting the Bozjan Resistance in their mission to rout the IVth Imperial Legion. And before you ask, of course we'll be introducing regular Alith raid events so we can all enjoy this new group content together! In addition to The Bozjan Southern Front, Patch 5.35 also introduced the long awaited additional housing wards & plots, enabling many more players to finally snatch a home for themselves, we wish you all the best of luck getting yours! This patch also introduces the next upgrade phase of both Resistance Weapons AND Skyesteel Tools, so let the grind begin hehe.

To read all the details about this latest patch and read up on exactly how the Bozjan Southern Front works, head over to the Official Patch 5.3 Special Site and Official Patch 5.35 Notes page.

Patch 5.35 Main Content:

  • The Bozjan Southern Front

  • Resistance Weapon Upgrades

  • Skysteel Tool Upgrades

  • Additional Housing - 3 Wards and Subdivisions in All Areas

The Bozjan Southern Front - very quick intro:

Focus only on story quests OR take on extra challenges - the decision is yours!

  • Battle Objectives:

  • Do battle with the IVth Imperial Legion to raise your "Mettle"

  • With sufficient "Mettle", raise your Resistance Rank to help the front line push foward

  • Storm Castrum Lacus Litore!

  • Raise your "Mettle" through 2 methods:

  • Skirmishes (basically FATES, you can run around the map and join in on these)

  • Critical Engagements (Big raid-like events, with limited participants)

  • Battle initiates after meeting special conditions

  • Only a limited number of players can participate (ranges from 24-48 player)

  • Awards greater Mettle & Rewards than Skirmishes

Visit the official patch notes page for a much more detailed explanation!

Kind Regards

Belazarus & The Alith Officers


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