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October 2021 Alith Awards Winners

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

Please be aware that due to insufficient "Party Animal" nominations, we have combined Party Animal & Above & Beyond Awards into just Above & Beyond for this month.

FC Champion Winner

Eliserie Shadowstrike

This months FC Champion, is someone who, although hasn’t been with us THAT long, feels like they’ve been with us forever! Since joining the FC, they have very quickly become a real core member of our community, injecting plenty of fun, laughs and comradery into the fc!

Not only are they always lifting peoples spirits and creating a fun atmosphere in the FC, but they’re also already organising fun events for our members to take part in, and also being super helpful whenever they can.

They’re always happy, and always creating a positive spirit / vibe in the community, be that in game or in Discord. They always make an effort to make everyone feel included, and clearly genuinely care about the community as a whole. They’re our unsung hero, and a real gem in the FC – we’re a much more fun, positive, and friendly community thanks to their presence!

Newcomer of the Month Winner

Very Wicked

Above & Beyond Winners

Yavanna Godhammer

Son Storm

Winwood Forest

Cleo Cupo

Eliserie Shadowstrike Party Animal Winners

Velz Enshar

Ny' Shiroh

Eliserie Shadowstrike

Cleo Cupo

Satoto Soto

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond Nominations

Yavanna Godhammer

  • You're still missing a doggo? She'll get you covered.

  • Yav is always friendly, helpful and caring, with a healthy dose of humour. She accommodates all walks of Alith life and is generally awesome! The nomination is for running many,, many wolf-farming events, far past the point where she had them all already. Very generous of her and truly a boon to Alith.

  • Arranging wolf farms <3

  • Wolf farming, helps run events for players to get glams or mounts even when she doesnt need them. Inclusive to others

  • most fun person ,always helpful and leader of the pack :D

  • The wolf queen thankyou for helping others get mount's even if your not up to it you still put others before yourself

  • She is one of the most active event organizer and such a funny and nice person to play with

  • For organizing the ongoing wolf farm, helping all to get their missing pups.

  • Always helps people out and does atleast 2 events every week to make sure people have their wolves. For being exactly the type of person that highlights what the FC stands for.

  • Fun, friendly and helpful!

  • Always offering help in chat with BLU spells and content

  • Helping level blue mage and getting spells

Cleo Cupo

  • She does great on the cast team and always very nice to others.

  • One of the founders of the lala society, such a funny and helpful person, and the queen of lala screenshots

  • Helped me and others getting started on blue mage. Overall a very friendly and fun person to be around!

  • Helping us gather spells and boosting

  • For keeping me company whilst I was house hunting :)

  • Joining Alith's lovely cast team! Also for helping get spells for blue mages

Son Storm

  • Very welcoming guy. Always happy to help out with a dungeon, fate, trial or anything depending on what’s on. Puts on some great events with helping people get there trial extreme mounts. All round great team player.

  • Even though I've only recently joined Alith, Son has truly made me feel welcome in the guild, encouraged me to get involved and signposted me to events that I'm able to do. This is a really big deal as I'm usually quite a wallflower to begin with in communities and I've never got on voice with one within a week of joining before. Serious kudos for that!

  • Helped me unlock steps to extreme despite already doing it

  • Always doing so much to help!

  • The busiest Lala in the guild with all the events he organises, and the fun times had by everyone who joins them.

  • Always such a gem, creating events and making everyone laugh

Winwood Forest

  • Deserves to be nominated every time! So kind and generous! Also superfunny and nice to hang out with during events! :)

  • Always helps people with tips on crafting/gathering and funds so much for events and the FC

  • He's always generous and gives away a lot of gil to support events.

  • Amazing crafter, super fun player

  • For always being helpful and for his contributions towards the wellbeing of FC and its members.

  • Offers his help to those in need

Disdemona Astrosa

  • I had to nominate her, or all the ghosts from the FC house asylum would come haunt me.

  • Deserves the biggest of commendations for the amazing job she always do with the FC house!

  • For that absolutely amazing Halloween house!

  • House savage top tier

Eliserie Shadowstrike

  • For organizing maps for members and always being happy and inclusive on discord

  • For being the Map King extraordinaire.

  • For always helping out with maps and taking the wheel!

Astra Fury

  • Great raid leader. My new plane goes vroom!

  • Doing an amazing job organizing learning raids.

  • For helping us learn savage fights!

Dreder Starvald

  • Has been offerings his help to those who ask

  • Super helpful and funny

Mio Caelum

  • For looking after our precious boofs

  • Thank you for always giving me advice when I am lost

Mirv Azur

  • Social and helpful!

  • Helping in dungeons and trails, while reading me the ropes

Nyssa Alghul

  • For motivating others to try more, get out of their comfort zone, to not only do old content, but also current content, helping along the way to unlock and complete the runs.

Gaato Pyma

  • For being a super generous and cool guildie!


  • This is guy is simply amazing

Varonn Vexcera

  • A friendly and social person brightening people's day.

Rosa Phantom

  • Thank you for helping with fates

Amara Moofa

  • Helped me with my bird and always fun to be around making jokes

Drevin Morgan

  • Always very helpful when hes online and also a nice guy :)

Xarial Kirara

  • I joined her leveling event as my first event in Alith and I had such a good time with everyone :)

Freya Faewyn

  • Taught me how to be a good crafter and is a great friend to have!

Alsanark Rose

  • Always giving out gifts thanks so much

Hanato Superdia

  • Thank you for being patient with me while unlocking my xtreme

Gregest Big

  • Helped me unlock my xtreme and super funny thanks a million

Tio Tantarian

  • For supporting the lalafells <3

Party Animal Nominations

Velz Enshar

  • most positive and bright guy to be around,always a blast with him in a party

  • For being the life of any party we do and for bringing to mood up!

  • The funniest and brightest guy you'll ever find. Always possitive, nice attitude, and an overall lovely guy to be around

  • "Brings the fun to the party! WOOP WOOP!!!"

  • Super fun and super helpful player

  • For bringing all the memes and that positive energy ;)


  • No reason given

  • I think he thinks I don't like him, but he is a very fun guy to be around! ♥

  • I'm always guaranteed a laugh when going on events with this fella!

Eliserie Shadowstrike

  • No reason given

  • To organize maps events super fun

  • Do funny and thank you for joining the shared faith always helpful

  • For being a supernice and fun person to be around!

Cleo Cupo

  • Wonderful laughter and personality! Brings joy wherever she is! :)

  • surprise worm!!

  • Thank you for the wonderful wedding and inviting everyone

  • always fun , leader of smoll train

Satoto Soto

  • For organizing fashion event

  • For always being social in chat :)

  • For bringing loads of fun with the fashion shows!

Nyssa Alghul

  • No reason given

  • Banter, banter! Funny and clever guy! :D

Drevin Morgan

  • No reason given

  • Always ready for help or to give you good advices, amazing player

Jayne Norrath

  • No reason given

Alsanark Rose

  • Thank you for the inv to the hunt train ^_^

Karasi Avagnar

  • A true leader in the making

Artariel Rosend

  • To organizing dragon runs, super fun

Aya Kitsaro

  • Amazing player, super fun

D'ohn Tia

  • The Moments of History thread they started is most excellent.

Astra Fury

  • To organize raids super fun

Spicy Meatballs

  • For having all the Halloween snacks.

Maximus Lightfoot

  • For just being awesome and slightly crazy ;)

Yavanna Godhammer

  • For organizing wolf runs, helping everyone, a truth great player

Muyuu Iris

  • Such a clever and funny person to be around and talk to! ♥

Fitz Leonhard

  • No reason given

Amara Moofa

  • For the SHARED laughs in tome runs in coils.

Evil Kitty

  • No reason given

Belazarus Alith

  • For really getting a"head" of the game. Literally.

Chachel Hammerfist

  • For having an awesome laugh and just being so fun to be around!

Tio Tantarian

  • No reason given

Gunnulf Godhammer

  • Always have good jokes brewing!


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