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New Alith Website!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We are very excited to reveal the launch of our brand new upgraded FC Website, here at! We hope you love the new look! We want to make sure you can all be proud to be part of an FC with a slick, modern, website that represents us well, as we venture onto the latest FFXIV expansion, Endwalker!

Our new website has all the features of our old website, along with a few new features, quicker response time, easier to navigate and of course a more modern look - while still keeping our signature branding & colour theme!

Here is a short summary of some useful info you can access from our new FC website:


  • Easy to navigate main menu & profile widget

  • Easy to find "Join Alith" and "Contact Us" links

  • Clearer Internal News & External News articles, prominent on homepage

  • Social Media updates & channels centralized on homepage

  • Alith Staff Vacancies listed on homepage along with Officer Profiles

  • Alithian testimonies displayed on homepage - always looking for new ones!

  • New and improved Registration, Application, Alith Awards Nomination and Contact Us forms!

  • New "Live Chat" feature where visitors & members alike can chat to the Alith Officers directly through the website (where they are available)


  • Link to Home, Join Alith and News Articles

  • Final Fantasy XIV menu: to access lots of useful official FFXIV sources & info

  • Free Company Info menu:

  • New and improved FC Rules, Members Lists, New Member Zone, Raiding & Events, Alith Awards Into & Form, Vacancies Page and social media links

  • Useful Sites menu: updated links to a whole raft of useful 3rd party FF14 websites to help you on your travels in Eorzea!

  • Staff Pages menu: new and improved forum for staff users, as well as new officer member management pages


I'm a newcomer looking to join Alith, where do I start?

Simply click "Join Alith Now" to get started, by filling out a short application

form telling us a bit about yourself. It's super quick & easy applying to join

Alith, and we'll be in touch with you ASAP by email with the outcome.

I'm already a member of Alith and already registered on the old website, do I need to apply all over again?

Hell no! The great news is we have already automatically brought over all

your details from the old website, to the new one! It's totally optional if you

want to register to the new site, registering means you can keep your profile

information up to date!

To register to the new website, simply click the "Join Alith Now!" button,

submit your email address, password and character name, then make sure


You'll then be registered to the new website. You will be directed to a form

where you can import all your details over from the old website, and indeed

update any of your profile information as you like! Just type your character

name into the top box, click on the next section, and presto - all your details

will auto-populate! You can make sure they're all correct before hitting the

"Update" button.

What if I want to update my profile info again at a later date?

You can do this anytime, by simply logging into the website, and going to "My

Profile" page from your member widget (top right corner of website).

Where do we nominate members for Alith Awards now?

We have a shiny new & improved Alith Awards nomination form, that you can

access from the "Free Company Info" menu - "Alith Awards - Nominate Now"

Who do I speak to if I'm having trouble with the new website, or if I have a suggestion or question?

If you're already in Alith, you can contact any Alith Officer anytime through

Discord, if you need assistance or if you have a suggestion / query.

Belazarus, Spicy and Xaert are the website administrators though, so you

may want to contact one of them first.

You can also contact us through the "Contact Us" form on the website, or

by emailing

We hope you all enjoy using our new FC website, and please do check back regularly to keep up to date with all the latest Alith & Final Fantasy XIV News!

See you all around!

Kind Regards

The Alith Officers


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