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May 2023 Alith Awards Winners

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, it's our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

All "Thank You" messages in our thank-you channel in Discord, will also be counted as nominations!

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

FC Champion Winner

Softi Thistle

Newcomer Winner

Zankua Blyther

Above & Beyond Winners

Asael Hermoni

Hennek Swedewagon

Zankua Blyther

Alala rose

Softi Thistle

Party Animal Winners

Alala rose

Shara Miret-moor

Softi Thistle

Mithanial Marr

Thanatos Blackheart

Rime Black

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond Nominations

Asael Hermoni

  • Thank you for being an honest type of friend, even when that upsets me! Haha Jokes aside, I think everyone should have at least one friend that tells you when you're being stubborn or need to be more flexible, and you're that kind of down-to-earth, very sensible and practical person that opens my mind to different ways of seeing the world. I also really appreciate having someone else to reminisce together about the old days in FFXIV hehe :)

  • Thank you for being the best and making me actually do msq ♡

  • Thank you for helping me farming the coils synced! Going to craft my first fancy furniture now 🤣 🤩 💖

  • Thanks for all the maps!thanks for all the gifts you crafted for me !!

  • Thanks for all the Magitek Repair Materials! Buoyance, Subby McSubface, Yellow Submarine and Alisail-Leveilleur are purring from your efforts!

  • Helped me get my alt to Mor Dhona to unlock glamor plates so i didnt have to run around in beginner gear and could be the tonberry i need to be on my alt <3

Hennek Swedewagon

  • Great event leader that helps FC members with difficult contents.

  • Thank you for joining the P5 Savage Beginner Party! Was a lot of fun hope to see you next time!❤️

  • What an outstanding Alithian! There is nearly nothing this guy doesn't do. Joins in & organizes fun events, always extremely helpful and makes fantastic guides, always offering a helping hand or advice, GREAT sense of humour & banter, and oozes Alith values through his veins.This FC is SO lucky to have him as part of the community :)

  • Let's rename the guides channel to the Hennek channel. Offering advice where he can and fill in gaps where needed.

  • DUDE... thanks for the BLU runs! And the Bard lessons. And the general playing lessons. And basically helping out loads. Everything is AWESOME AND SO ARE YOUUUUU!

  • Thanks for organizing criterion dungeons!

  • for teaching me how to run criterion dungeon (well the first 2 bosses :3)

Zankua Blyther

  • A big thanks again for the call out.

  • THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for helping us get through E12S!!!!!!!♥♥

  • For hosting a P5 Savage learning party!

  • For shot calling in the E12S raids we did and teaching us how to clean it with exceptional patience

  • Excellent mentor, definitely wanted to say "thank you"

  • Great and patient raid leader.The MVP of E12S mount farm, carried us while not being there, real CHAD moment right there

  • Guiding us through E12S, even when he's not in the actual party! 😂 Also generally being a straight up helpful fella. Thanks for the mount runs too!

Alala rose

  • Thank you for being such a positive influence to the community! I especially enjoy exchanging recipes in your cooking thread! You always have a kind word for everyone^^ And I look forward to your future events too! (P.s.: I swear I'm not joining just because you play bunny boy lol)

  • Frequently organising events for everyone.

  • A very big thank you for helping me finish Zadnor ♥

  • The reason why I'm here in the first place. Always open to help others if it is in her range of possibilities.

  • Always there to help out, and generally just a lovely person! Thank you for the mount runs, helping me figure out where to get what gear, and being a great friend! <3

  • Top notch Alithian! From being socially active, to organizing fun events, to being generally helpful - great person and super addition to the event leading team!!

  • Thank you for joining the P5 Savage Beginner Party! Was a lot of fun hope to see you next time!❤️

Softi Thistle

  • Since returning to FF14 & Alith fully active again, she's been a total breath of fresh air, has injected so much positivity into the FC! She's been helpful, fun, welcoming, supportive and just an all round outstanding Alithian! She rocks!

  • Thank you for joining the P5 Savage Beginner Party!

  • Was a lot of fun hope to see you next time!❤️

  • Softi is just an all-around pleasant person to be around, and to have around. She never fails to bring positivity and cheerfulness, and makes real effort to engage and socialize whenever possible.

  • Softi, despite not being an officer, frequently goes out of her way to help people, resolve disputes and keep the vibe positive and motivational

  • Softi , sweet crazy soul , thank you for all the laughter, thank you for all the hard times that got better because you were there for me! thank you for beeing in voice chat almost all the time when im there, and having the entire one to one convo about the most crazy and disturbing stuff with me xD while everyone else just can suffer and listen to our crazy braincells that merge together xD I love you , you nutcase !

  • for leaving her comfy zone to do savage progs :3

  • Always helping people and always being positive

Shara Miret-moor

  • "Shara, sweetie ! Thank you for everything you do for the fc! I really see myself in you , you know we got a lot of things in common , and i always considered myself as the most passionate person of the entire fc, but ...... DAMN , you are the most passionate person i know except myself , i know you are having a rough time IRL , but still you do so much for Alith , and not only for the comunnity , but also people in private can count on your support. i want you to know , that you are the best ! and you are extremely valuable ! dont ever forget that, and also dont forget that whenever things get to much, that its okay to mention that , its okay to be not okay, and nobody will blame you , gosh you are so effin strong , thanks for everything ♥♥ "

  • Excellent discord activity

  • Thanks for QOTDs! While I didn't answer them in chat that often I always gave thought to the answer I would write

  • Thank you for all the effort you put into the QOTD and all the work you do in recruitment & bringing in great new members! You clearly LOVE this community and you are very much appreciated by us all <3

  • Always getting people involved and being kind

Badgirly Ylrigdab

  • event machine and salvation given form

  • Thanks baddie for helping me out with all the thank you channel votes, you dah best ♥♥

  • Thank you for always making maps and fate runs for us! And for hanging out in VC to chat to. <3

  • Thank you for the fate farms ^^

  • Thank you for helping me build my fish aquarium!! It's great ❤️

Richard Brightward

  • "Thank you for joining the P5 Savage Beginner Party! Was a lot of fun hope to see you next time!❤️"

  • Thanks for helping me get Spruce logs!

  • Thanks for the 500+ Grade 3 Thanalan topsoils!!!

  • Thanks for helping me get another TT card

Aurinia Naeuri

  • Supportive friend in hard times