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June 2022 Alith Awards Winners

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

FC Champion Winner

Varonn Vexcera

Newcomer of the Month Winner

Lisa Likeable

Above & Beyond Winners

Varonn Vexcera

Raven Rumblebones

Valentyne Llwydnos

Rudy Fluffybutt

Vielle Mestre

Eliserie Shadowstrike

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond & Party Animal Nominations

Valentyne Llwydnos

  • Always a blast, always fun and consistently putting on events! Incredibly welcoming after I said no for the two months prior!

  • Hosts really fun fate events each week! :D

  • Thanks for running great Fate Events!

  • Arranges a fun event every week and is always available to help and support

  • FAAAAAATES ALL OF THE FAAAATES! Also just a nice and fun person to be around!

  • For organizing the fun FATE events for our members :)

Raven Rumblebones

  • Thank you for the stash of minions so i can give them to sprouts ♥

  • Does an amazing job of hosting raids, has to be said and very welcoming on discord :)

  • Always organising interesting events

  • Always organising events, top banana!

  • For all the fun events they've organized for our members and for being a general fun & helpful member of our community!

  • For all the fun chaotic events especially Bozja, i really had fun there!

Varonn Vexcera

  • (blank)

  • Amazing raid leader that's patient beyond belief, and just an overall good egg <3

  • For being a great RL.

  • Hosts a lot of great events, enjoyed getting my big wolf thanks him. Amazingly patient and has a wicked sense of humour ♥

  • This guy always try to help and to make the people around him feel good and cheer them up without expecting anything in return. A pure and kind soul.

  • For being generally helpful & friendly member of our community!

Cristina Thequeen

  • This energy deserves an Award. Cant get over the presence she displayed at an evening in VC. She truly is the Queen.

  • Super friendly and leveld up with me

  • Nice, social, and does a good job!

Rudy Fluffybutt

  • Since day one of me running events she has turned up for every one of the events I host without fail, and is always a great addition to the team keeping everyone laughing and spirits high even when we are all being punished by some raid boss. Also a constant source of my own personal entertainment as chasing her around Shirogane in an attempt to remove her tail has become a staple of my Alith life >:D

  • Rudy always makes events more interesting, especially when their fluffybutt is on the line and Raven is ready with the shears :)

  • Rudy is always great to see in the fc chat! :D very fun

Disdemona Astrosa

  • Spent like, six hours in the wee hours of the morn to get me some others all our sight seeing points. Fun was had.

  • Amazing new FC house!

  • "Yes, I know Dis is an officer, so cannot get an award, but......Well, they have been a huge support to me recently when I have been going through a lot, I just wanted to say thank you"

Vielle Mestre

  • Best neighbour!! Has always helped me with my housing + decorating :D

  • Always helpfull

  • Always involved in FC chat, having a laugh and being generally fun, thank you!

Eliserie Shadowstrike

  • Maps without Eli is like a broken pencil. Pointless.

  • Only Lala that I can accept.

  • For continuing to organise fun map events for our members, but also being generally helping around the FC & supporting the officers

Morgana Elric


  • Even if they are not that active recently, they have always an open ear for someone. Became a true friend.

Aedric Draugluin

  • Truly keeps up everyone's spirits during maps and FATEs, has a kickass soundboard and a cat who loves to use it herself!

  • Has pulled me through countless raids and EXs by my hair, kicking and screaming, never losing his temper, explaining everything and is my favourite tank to heal because he makes it so easy. I honestly wouldn't have built the confidence as a player that I have now without him ♥

Maya Momo

  • (blank)

Evil Kitty

  • Pure evil, master of darkness, horror and destruction. Definitely NEVER makes people around him feel good, comfortable or have fun. Also very fluffy.

  • For always being a fun, friendly & helpful member of our community!

Marack Theoman

  • Has the decency to give us countdowns on when our next Rescue will be, makes my face ache from laughing during FATEs and maps ♥ Also rip Terry the Poop Spider.

  • The Toilet always needs more My Immortal quotes

Naya'il Fealnyrva


  • For stepping up to support the FC with recruitment!

Ilere Nyrash

  • Always being a fun person to hang out with!

  • Totally a personal thing, but they have really gone out their way to help me recently adn it is really appreciated

Amara Moofa

  • Friday and Saturday nights wouldn't be the same without her hilarity ♥

  • Purveyor of fine cookies and always there to help and support - been a real help to me recently with my personal issues, so thank you

Samara Drenim

  • Well... You are an officer now... so i can't nominate you anymore... tztztz... i mean if you would have wanted me to stop nominating you could have take an easier way but oki ... <3


  • It's not a proper party unless Ny is there with his pink budgie smugglers! Always top banter ♥

Jendris Highwind

  • My best mate in the fc but also a really helpful person to everyone. Sometimes TOO helpful but that's just his style, to quietly support others all day and every day. (also an avid chef so ask him about what he's cooking)

Doubtful Choices

  • Thank you for the cute minions from me and the sprouts who will recieve them ♥

Miana Na

  • Always happy to help, takes an active role in the FC and is now creating and leading events! Keep up the good work!

Gregest Big

  • For all his help driving our recruitment in the FC, he's done a fantastic job!

Gearfried Aethorn

  • Thank you soo sooo sooo sooooooooo MUCH for the warm coat and the hat !!! ♥

Mirumo Galvus

  • You make such wonderfull screenshots ♥

Badgirly Ylrigdab

  • Thanks for taking care and managing of all the crops in the FC. People don't realise how much effort goes into this, and we all benefit from it!

Doom Cakes

  • My favourite person to help with herding catgirls every Saturday. Also, Doom? Nothing ;P

Rean Rinkomaru

  • Helpfull, kind, a true Alithian

Valentyne Seren

  • (blank)

Lucinda Blossom

  • Just too cute <3

Nomnom Wonton

  • Best cushion!


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