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July 2021 Alith Awards Winners

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

FC Champion Winner

Son Storm

This months FC champion will likely come as no surprise, as there are very few people who haven’t benefited from their kindness, helpfulness and welcoming nature! Since joining Alith, there isn’t much this person hasn’t done, to help support our community & keep Alith the fun & friendly place it is!

Son can always be seen welcoming our new members to the family, making sure they know their way around and are settled in. Has been regularly organizing fun events for our members to enjoy. Always keeps chat buzzing and positive, be it in Discord or in game. Relentlessly offers to help whoever needs it, if they’re able to – whether it’s with advice or help with content in game.

They have a great positive attitude, great sense of humour, brings a smile to everyone and let’s not forget, is never afraid to share plenty of mouth drooling RL food pics in Discord!

Alith certainly owes a big debt to this special member, who has been a real ray of sunshine, and truly is the model example of what it means to be Alithian.

Let’s all give a massive thank you to this awesome guy, we can’t wait to enjoy many more years of his company! A well deserved FC Champion of the month, congratulations to our very own Son Storm!

Newcomer of the Month Winner

Ethera Dragonexia

Above & Beyond Winners

Son Storm

Satoto Soto

Arithia Crescentshade

Tio Tantarian

Artariel Rosend

Party Animal Winners

Lizzy Rose

Son Storm

Noah Ackerman

Amara Moofa

Katie Rose

Gunnulf Godhammer

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond Nominations

Son Storm

  • He is very helpful and do nice things for new members and do some birds farming for everybody

  • Always super helpful, deserves it!

  • Arranges events and seems to always volunteer to help!

  • Making sure people feel welcome, organising events for lower levelled players as well ^^

  • Fate events, food pics, bird rescue - what more could you ask for?

  • Always putting in the extra effort to include all members of the FC. Very friendly and great at organising events!

  • Always brings good vibes to everything and is a pleasure to talk to c:

  • Son, the master of greeting macros ;) wish he was as good in unlocking flying ;) However, a super nice guy who always are welcoming and trying to help out as much as he can. Hes active, social and also hosting events in old content for us to enjoy! Absolutely deserve the above & beyond award!

  • Son is always welcoming and chatting to new members, making everyone feel at home ♥

  • Event Organizer-in-Chief

  • I was less than an hour in the FC so maybe I'm not so confident to nominate already but in the case it helps, I'll nominate Son Storm for his kind and very good welcome for me and his words

  • Always so welcoming of newcomers, super active in game, helps with events, very positive guy, literally the "perfect" Alithian!

  • Always welcomes someone when they login

  • The best thing about Son, aside from his unending chirpiness and friendly nature, is that he watches the chat, sees what people need and is always looking for and suggesting ways to help them. Whether that's running an impromptu fate train because someone asked about it, or suggesting glamour farm runs, or Eden normal runs for players yet to complete it, he's always thinking of others and how he can help. He makes new members feel welcome, he makes me feel welcome and I'm pretty sure I joined before him :D, he's a just a welcoming and lovely guy and I think the FC is lucky to have him.

  • I would call him a true Alithian. He's always friendly to everyone in the FC, says hello to every logger, joins tons of FC events (official and from members), is always ready to help out other ppl. He's nice to have a chat with. The other day we did a mount farm, he passes on a mount he still needs to make a fellow FC member happy. He's literally the most generous player I have encountered in all my mmorpg years (15 years and counting). Son, you're an absolute LEGEND!

  • Very active helping to make new members feel welcomed! :)

Satoto Soto

  • For being a fun active member of our community and organising awesome events like the Fashion Show!

  • Organizes the fashion event which he pays the rewards from his own pocket and he did an amazing job with it!

  • The master of the fashion show, amazing event and super fun

  • Creates a great atmosphere, always wants to chat and made the excellent fashion show! Bought me an emote for winning. Such a good addition to any FC, just happy he is in ours ♡

  • Doin' a great job with the fashion events!

Arithia Crescentshade

  • He is a very good teacher and nice person ^^

  • For organising the Hades event, and being great at leading everyone on what to do. Made me feel welcome in the voice chat and patient when mistakes were made, thank you Ari!

  • One of the best FFXIV teacher i ever see, their learning party are legendary

  • For putting in a lot of time and effort to bring our members some awesome events :)

Tio Tantarian

  • Super helpful and friendly

  • I think Tio is an amazing person. He is nice , considerate and really helpful around most of the daily content such as roulettes and helps with alot of other member events. I love to party up with him along with alot of other people in the FC. I haven't been a part of this FC for that long but Tio has made the biggest impact for me so far.

  • He's a mount magnet :p in all seriousness though, he's been very helpful with getting a bunch of FC members mounts they still lack, running the same content over and over again and always in such an incredible happy mood. It's great running instances with him :)

  • I see him volunteering to help out on alot of things going on wether it be hunts, events or roulette.

Artariel Rosend

  • No reason given

  • He is soo good teacher

  • Palace of the dead events!

  • Loremaster General

Gaato Pyma

  • No reason given

  • Always ready for help and answer all the question about FFXIV, a supreme master

  • Need an answer to a stringent game question? He has you covered.

Marack Theoman

  • No reason given

  • Quizmaster General


  • No reason given

  • Though they have a lot to learn, they have been consistently pushing themselves and always learning every raid they attend. It's a joy seeing them get better while not losing sight of what they enjoy in this game in the first place!

Xarial Kirara

  • No reason given

  • The new leveling event is super fun

Jendris Highwind

  • Thank you for learning some newbies the ropes of potd and being very chill, friendly and positive the entire time.

Josie Duskbloom

  • To have a lot of patience to teach me savage mechanics, be an amazing raid leader and great player

Yavanna Godhammer

  • always willing to help if you have a question and always offering advice :D

Disdemona Astrosa

  • Strong leadership

Mokunox Fleuret

  • A true raider, a legendary master and fun player

Dreder Starvald

  • carried a whole party of Alith members and non Alith members for mounts, like 25 kills solo

La Pepite

  • Thank you for helping out with Hades EX for as long as you did!

Lizzy Rose

  • Very active! Very kind! Very helpful, especially towards sprouts! :) <3

Erysia Rihn

  • Very good teacher :)

Xan Highwind

  • good teammate, helping out all the time

Alsanark Rose

  • For organising events for our members and been an all round helpful dude!

Rime Black

  • Very helpful.

X'apa Tiacuatl

  • Always ready for help in any high end content

Enfin Nigarden

  • helped me and the entire alliance through labrinth of the ancient, his help made me able to main tank the ENTIRE raid, much love <3

Sumi Notte

  • thank for clutch healz

Aeron Ellsworth

  • For being a super kind raid leader who is very patient and makes everyone feel comfortable doing savage raids.

Belazarus Alith

  • Amazing leader

Party Animal Nominations

Lizzy Rose

  • Since joining, [redacted] has been active in-game and in discord. Whenever they're around, I know I'm going to have a good time!

  • Always hanging around fc house to have a good chat with. And a lot of laughs.

  • Keeping discord alive and thriving

  • Very active in the fc chat

Son Storm

  • very friendly and enthusiastic c:

  • He is always there with a picture or a comment to make you smile (and drool). I think the FC wouldn't be the same without his good nature and positivity.

  • Noah Ackerman

  • Seems to always bring the mood and is down to have a good time!

  • Always in for a fun(day)!

Amara Moofa

  • Always happy to play music for you regardless of the time you catch her. She is a very nice and genuine person.

  • Nice player

Katie Rose

  • Always very active in the fc chat

  • Highly inappropriate puns

Gunnulf Godhammer

  • My favorite frog (and im not biased at all ;)! I mean just look at him and you laugh :D On top of that he seem to have silly jokes for most things and are never late to share these in chat! Hes just amazing <3

  • Always ready for help, the new star of the new podcast

Erysia Rihn

  • Amazing raid leader

Azena legiana

  • No reason given

Tio Tantarian

  • Always in for a fun(day)!


  • Nice and fun guy ^^

Ethera Dragonexia


Shin Bakuman

  • Always in for a fun(day)!

Slayer Radella

  • Helpfull and fun player, always help me with the hard mechanics

Sun Long

  • A true warrior in FFXIV

Chee Chee

  • For being hilarious during out potd runs :D Thank you for letting me get cola out of my nose.

Alsanark Rose

  • is a staple member of Alith, and is always around to participate in events and other Alith shenanigans. Thanks for being a part of this FC!

Cristina Thequeen

  • Amazing and nice player

Ilere Nyrash

  • Super fun player

Drevin Morgan

  • Always in for a fun(day)!

Aya Kitsaro

  • No reason given

Artemis Hades

  • Super xtra fun player

Yavanna Godhammer

  • A true light spirit in ffxiv

Aeron Ellsworth

  • Always help in the raid learning party's, amazing and fun teacher

Winwood Forest

  • Amazing player, super fun, always ready for help and teach

Newcomer of the Month Nominations

Ethera Dragonexia

  • Dragon!! Pat the dragon.

  • Also dragon of the month!

  • Awesome dragon gal - always keeping the chat alive, and always so happy and upbeat!! ^^

  • She have been very helpful, lively and positive and she makes herself so accessible I'd think I've known her forever.

  • Very adorable dragon, always helpful and fun to talk to ^-^

  • A bundle of fun wrapped up in the friendliest personality!

  • Dragons

  • Active, friendly and helpful towards everyone. Helps to make discord a lively and fun place.

Nyn Vord

  • always joining in with events and being awesome \o/

  • She joins tons of fc events, always shows up and makes voicechat a lively and fun place during these events.

  • Very active, always ready to learn and help, super fun

  • Being fun in vc, jumping straight into content and being a generally fun person!

Lizzy Rose

  • Just for being a great person all around - since joining, we've gotten on really well. When the FC gained a new member, I made a good friend.

  • Very active in Discord and participating in events

  • One half of the dynamic duo!

Katie Rose

  • Very active in discord and carrying on conversation with all members

  • One half of the dynamic duo!

Ellise Skye

  • For being helpful in FC chat and jumping straight into guild events!

Ghosterah Winter

  • Always seen around events. Are a lot of fun in voice chat and always actively participate and trying their best.

Autumn Korean

  • Very active and friendly in guildchat.

Noah Ackerman

  • He my boo and he makes everyone feel like they have known him forever. Friendly and supportive. Best friend an Alithian could ask for ♡

Tio Tantarian

  • I know hes not completely new in Alith since hes a returner, but I think he deserve this award anyway! Hes active, social and brings joy! :)

Chee Chee

  • Cause they are coolest to talk to.


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