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Delubrum Reginae & Blue Mage Updates!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Patch 5.45 bring with it the next chapter in the Bozjan Southern Front adventure, with some awesome new raid content to boot! Gather your comrades and venture into the brand new 24 and 48 man raid, Delubrum Reginae, in the Bozjan Southern Front!

In addition to this, we also get to progress the Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr story, which of course also means, further Resistance Weapon Upgrades. If Bozja isn't your thing, then the good news is this patch also brought with it a huge content update for Blue Mage lovers! With another level cap increase to 70, new spells to learn, new masked carnivale stages and of course further job quests to enjoy, now is a GREAT time to dive back into the limited job.

We're looking forward to taking to the Southern Front with you all once again, to enjoy both the normal and savage versions of Delubrum Reginae. Take a look at some screenies below, or head over to the patch notes page to read all the details.

Visit Patch 5.4 Mini-Site Now

Read Patch 5.45 Notes Now

Patch 5.45 - Content Summary

Save the Queen: Blades of Gunhildr Update:

  • New Story Quests

  • New Large Scale Multiplayer PvE Content "Delubrum Reginae" 24 man (Normal Mode) 48 man (Savage Mode)

  • Resistance Weapon Story Quests added

  • Resistance Weapon Upgrades

Blue Mage Updates (Level cap raised to 70, 24 new spells, duties & gear)

  • Level cap raised to 70

  • New Job Quests

  • 24 New Spells to learn

  • New Blue Mage Gear

  • New Masked Carnivale Stages

Skysteel Tools: New Quests & Upgrades

Other Changes

  • New Lost Actions

  • New Housing Items

  • New Triple Triad Cards & NPC's

  • New Emotes & Hairstyles

  • New Crafting Recipes, Gathering Points and Fish

  • New Mounts & Minions

  • New Chocobo Barding

  • New Fashion Accessories

  • Party Finder updated to include 48 man alliance raid (Delubrum Reginae)


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