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August 2021 Alith Awards Winners

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

Please be aware that due to insufficient "Party Animal" nominations, we have combined Party Animal & Above & Beyond Awards into just Above & Beyond for this month.

FC Champion Winner

Gaato Pyma

Although Gaato has been with the FC for just over six months, it feels like he's been part of our community for years! He's truly become a pillar in our community. Gaato can regularly be found offering advice or help to anyone who needs it, be it in Discord or in game. He's also a great teacher, very knowledgeable and always willing to share.

He regularly joins in on FC events, raids, dungeons etc - often when he doesn't even need it himself, but just to help out! He's patient, supportive and also has a wicked sense of humour!

Gaato is a friendly, funny and kind member of our family, and a great ambassador for the FC. So we'd like to give him a huge Thank You for all his contributions, and look forward to having him part of our family for many years to come!

Newcomer of the Month Winner

Rosa Phantom

Above & Beyond & Party Animal Winners

Son Storm


Gaato Pyma

Alsanark Rose

Amara Moofa

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond & Party Animal Nominations

Son Storm

  • Is a presence on Discord and freely offers advice, help and links for others.

  • Great to do some fate hunting with you Son.

  • He has gone above and beyond to ensure everyone feels welcome and settled. He runs mount farms, the question of the day and helps with everything he can. He is always upbeat and kind.

  • For organising so many events, greeting people warmly and generally being a positive and community focused presence.

  • The Event Master. He's always running plenty of fun events for the FC

  • Master of events :D

  • Son runs the best events, he’s helped me get lots of mounts including the blue wolf, and he’s super nice and always helpful. He’ll always try to make sure everyone gets the mounts and has fun doing it

  • Constantly putting up new events for people, especially newcomers

  • Organizing events, welcoming new members, offering advice & help, keeping Discord & FC chat active, being an all round Alith superhero? Is there anything this guy doesn't do?? Son, you rock.

  • Top tier rescuer of so many ponies, birds and now even wolves! For real though, Son is someone I always see making sure people feel welcome and is always so helpful, even going as far as to just make impromptu events just because someone asked. He's truly someone who goes above and beyond! :)


  • Still getting so much better at raids, and willing to help out!

  • Pretty cool person! You should marry Gaato :3

  • Ny is a super lovely person, he’s given me so much advice on crafting and melding. I would not have discovered the joy of coffee biscuits without him. All hail the maps booba!

  • For being hilarious on discord voicechat.

  • For take care of chocobos, always ready for help and have fun, this player is amazing

Gaato Pyma

  • Pretty cool person! You should marry Ny :3

  • For being helpful & kind :)

  • The supreme master of FFXIV, always ready to help, teach you or support in any game duties

  • He is the first one to reply when someone asks for help in the FC chat. He joins tons of mountruns even though he already has all those mounts and helps with explaining tactics if needed. He joins the leveling event even though he has everything at 80, just because he likes helping out. He is active on discord voice chat and helps keep the place fun and friendly with a lot of laughter.

  • Supernice and helpful, both with combat and crafting, Always very helpul when ppl need help clearing all kinds of content. :)

Alsanark Rose

  • Always organize random mount farm, amazing teacher

  • Natural raid leader, have a lot of patience to explain everything

  • Hes super friendly and helpful, even when he I off he comes on to help

  • Has been running a lot of inpromptu farms and spent days getting people savage clears and raid unlocks as well as giving advice and helping out in FC chat

Amara Moofa

  • She always sounds so happy, it rubs off. She is a lot of fun on discord voicechat and joins a lot of chill, casual events.

  • Always ready for any duty, super fun and amazing player

  • Fun to be around. Infectious personality

Nyssa Alghul

  • Helpful, nice and funny guy! :)

  • Very helpful player

Artariel Rosend

  • Always organizing cool activities

  • The best person to help, learn things and make good laugh :)

  • Ran the potd and hoh events which were super fun, explained classes to me and how to use them and is just a really nice person!

Winwood Forest

  • This player is amazing, helpfully and fun to play, always ready to give advice to play the game better

  • Winwood has been really generous for everyone, putting awards for fun for maps, supporting other events. And is pretty chill!

Ellise Skye

  • Always ready to help and have fun

Akiri Wildsoul

  • Always ready to help and have fun

  • Always willing to help out someone in need

Yavanna Godhammer

  • Always ready to help, amazing leader, super fun to play

Yavanna Godhammer

  • always willing to help if you have a question and always offering advice :D

Mokunox Fleuret

  • For being extremely helpful to members with his advice & answering questions - also thanks for the events!

  • Have a lot of patience to teach high end content, the supreme raid leader, super fun to play me

Satoto Soto

  • What can i say he is a Lalafell :D

  • For organize the fashion event. Very good event

Alaseea Avagnar

  • Super fun player

Arklana Ursa

  • He explained all that i needed to do to unlock alliance raid roulette and normal raids.

Lucinda Blossom

  • Always willing to help out, even if they self guilt themselves into it ;)

Varonn Vexcera

  • Always happy and active in the chat! A nice fun and chill person to hang out with :D

Ma Teo

  • No reasons submitted

Ethera Dragonexia

  • Is best dragon, gets all the pets for going in the big glowy circle and staying there for 3 seconds. Will give you a lump of meat if she doesn’t get her treasure

Drevin Morgan

  • King of the hunts, captain of the wolves and master of helping

Aeron Ellsworth

  • Amazing raid leader

Elloa Seren

  • Because she is a most kind and special person with a good heart. She let me into her community and gave me the strength to grow and be happy about myself. Internet is not the same without her to me :)

Cleo Cupo

  • Tells the best cucumber jokes, is best lala

Erysia Rihn

  • Amazing raid leader, super fun to play

Xarial Kirara

  • For organize the new levelling event

Newcomer of the Month Nominations

Rosa Phantom

  • Friendly, active and a great addition!

  • She came in hot and fit in right away with her bubbly personality.

  • Her light, positive personality is very calming and her humour is the perfect combo of witty and silly, she stands out by being herself.

Elloa Seren

  • Because she is a most kind and special person with a good heart. She let me into her community and gave me the strength to grow and be happy about myself. Internet is not the same without her to me :)

  • Always positive & friendly, always happy to run anything with anyone, a real Alithian :D

Eliserie Shadowstrike

  • Jumped straight in and has been joining in on events. Fun in VC too!

Faelora Dawnstar

  • Has been super friendly & active since joining the FC, great addition to the family :)

Ally McHeal

  • Ally has been great, positive & friendly new member of the family

Murlog Ethium

  • Very fun and amazing blue mage

Witness Ofeire

  • Witness has been a really nice addition to the Alith family, great to have them onboard :D

Gareth Dawnstar

  • Helping and offering advice in FC chat and being a good example by carrying that on in duties.

Lominay Garrot

  • Always active & friendly in chat

Jack Lascot

  • Very active in fc, ready to learn and become a better player


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