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April 2022 Alith Awards Winners

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for this months Alith-Awards ceremony, and congratulations to all our winners! Thanks everyone for voting, as without your nominations, this fun monthly event isn't possible. A massive thank you to all our members, whether you won an award this time or not, its our members that make Alith awesome, so we are appreciative of all of you! Below is the full list of winners , as well as the FULL list of nominations.

Remember, you can now nominate your fellow Alithians anytime, anyday, as the form is permanently open! You can nominate your fellow Alithians over at our nominations form:

Alith Awards - Nominate Now! | Alith FFXIV

You can also read all about our Alith Awards programme, over here:

Alith Awards - Info | Alith FFXIV

FC Champion Winner

Lix Aory & Morgana Elric

Newcomer of the Month Winner

Ikko Seiryuu

Above & Beyond Winners

Eliserie Shadowstrike

Lix Aory

Varonn Vexcera

Samara Drenim

Morgana Elric

Ilere Nyrash


G'rahl Aoraion

Full Nomination List + Commentary

Above & Beyond & Party Animal Nominations

Eliserie Shadowstrike

  • Maps maestro who loves to yell he's dying at the slightest sliver of HP loss. Friday nights wouldn't be the same without you :D

  • Thank you for organizing the maps events!

  • Thank you for letting me join maps after i got a huge brainfart and forgot to actual sign up for it !! ♥♥♥

  • Eli managed the impossible, he got all of us to get into the maps whale!

  • Helping to get a FC house in Ishgard

  • You suck

  • what a gosh darn nerd

  • (blank)

Lix Aory

  • Always around to help when people have questions, teaching everyone the new fights and also never forgets to welcome new people (even if he usually try to sell his services to them)

  • Lix has helped me tremendously to finally find my way into new Savage content, and I am really thankful for that. I was always anxious to try new content, but since I join the learning circles for new raids/trials and thanks to him and the others I am now able to join PF groups as well. Not only does he explain everything really well but he is also patient and understanding if people take a bit longer to get used to mechanics^^ Also outside of raids he seems to be super kind and helpful, so naturally he is one of the reasons why I am glad to have found Alith!

  • He decided to teach ppl how to do p3s. Worthy.

  • He’s a great raid leader and explains things clearly :3 nya~

  • For delivering TRUCK tonnes of fun events & raids for our members consistently, and being generally helpful & supportive with the whole community! He's a real champ!

  • Running great learning events for the latest content.

  • (blank)

Varonn Vexcera

  • Varonn is such a kind and helpful person that it would be a crime not to nominate him >:D Every time i see him in the game he gives me a very welcoming feeling, or I see him making other people happy with his presence or just being active in the FC chat. In my opinion he is a very valuable member of Alith, and I think that while still being new to the FC^^

  • Always nice, great to talk to, and just generally a very pleasant person. I just like to spend time with them. Active and helpful, funny and kind.

  • For organizing fun events :)

  • helped me with my leadership anxiety, and re-enforced me and assured what i was doing was good, he really made me feel easier about hosting events, thank you V

  • FOR GIVING ME 5!! BUBBLE CHOCLATES ON EASTER !! Forever greatfull !! ♥ "

  • Always in for some fun

  • (blank)

Samara Drenim

  • Always patient when hosting runs, even when mocking me for falling into holes. Much love for this baguette <3

  • keeping the Bot busy

  • He was first person to accept me when I joined FC. Still gives me advices when I ask something in FC. Plus as I could notice so far he is very active with other players and is often on discord too!

  • Very fun to kidnap for things to do. Ninja kidnapping works about 70% of the time :> Paints well

  • This person is always there! - for everyone, whenever/wherever they need you. Always happy to help with a smile, offering support and some light humor. They have mentored and supported me in many aspects and I wouldn't be the player I am without them. Thank you so much for being awesome :D

  • (blank)

Morgana Elric

  • Thank you for warm welcomes :)

  • For doing great work as a recruiter

  • always welcoming our new members and showing them the ropes! ♥

  • huge positive asset for the community!

  • so upbeat and keeps the chat rolling!

  • For doing a CRACKING job with recruitment, helping to attract lots of new members & being generally helpful & welcoming to them!

Ilere Nyrash

  • another key member of the fc, always around to chat to and ask for advice

  • Larry is super fun to play with, tons of fun to vc with and is one of my favourite people

  • Best husband's wife!

  • For helping getting more bids on the FC plot

  • for truly doing The Most in helping us secure our new FC house!


  • Funny and taught me quite a bit about the unwritten rules of pubs! Great conversations about everything under the sun!

  • The budgie smugglers brighten every Friday night <3

  • The ny break was named in honour of ny, taker of bio breaks and drinker of gin. Lots of fun to play with and a super awesome guy

  • Best ... Ny!

G'rahl Aoraion

  • Amazing maps outfit, lots of fun to play with, vc with and do random things!

  • Best husband!

  • For helping getting a plot for the FC

  • thank you for lending the FC your riches to get our new spa-front property!

Zikie Neneh

  • :> helped me craft + helped with decorating my house ( he also refused payment pls let me pay you zikie ) Very helpful and generous member

  • Zikie is master of all trades! Fun in chat, always there to help, no matter is it to craft something for you or just give you advices. They also always cook I bet their food is yummy! So if they get to win this I hope we will gave a huge feast in FC house! They have made quite a cute little house! Showing their creativity in that field too, you just have to go and visit it in new housing area (ward 20 plot 3). They have cookies and shiny mushrooms! Well maybeeee... I ate the cookies... BUT mushrooms are still there!!!

  • for always helping even when there is no reward and sharing their knowledge!

Tormin Draugluin

  • No one else rocks a loincloth or knows how to dance like this guy! He honestly makes every second an absolute joy to spend with him and he's my favourite rescue tennis ball, especially during maps and FATEs. He's always up for anything whether it's dragging me by my hair kicking and screaming through raids, or semi naked dancing in Limsa. Oh, and also the best husband ever <3

  • Funny guy, awesome soundboard usage during events, maps attire 10/10. May need some heals as he’s always dying.

  • The most patient teacher I've ever met for content, really puts me at ease and has increased my confidence as a healer a millionfold. Not only has he helped me, especially with unlocking content, but also others and has exhibited so much patience and genuine care towards others. There's also the Bom Boko gifting and being the best husband <3

Amara Moofa

  • Happy to share my husband with this lovely lady who always brightens my day <3

  • really friendly person always crafting at the market board

  • Best Wife!

Raven Rumblebones

  • Love their events and hanging out with them. Patient, but helpful and always up for jokes.

  • What can I say about this person? They are nice, cheerful and playing with them is always huge fun! They never miss the opportunity to bully me but this is what I love in them! Also biggest thanks for organizing mounts farming events, they are very enjoyable <3 P.S. pls don't unfluff my butt

Nomnom Wonton

  • for being best carpet in front of a FC house :D

  • Always a level headed person, putting their best foot forward in a world with crazy people wearing animal heads. Also, dedication to the playdead...

Cristina Thequeen

  • We have clicked really fast, such an amazing person, great friend and many laughs.

  • I didn't have many occasions yet to do content with Cristina but from the ones I did I can tell she is very caring for the FC and super kind. Even if she was feeling tired cause of health issues she tried her best to keep events going and I really appreciate that. I am looking forward to play more with her around!

Nupiti Nupi

  • Honorary member of the Horde Hunting Club, two times over now...

  • Has great furniture aesthetics in all of their places. Thanks for the help

Valentyne Seren

  • Not only does she host awesome fate farming, she’s so much fun to hang out with on vc and we always have an awesome time! Tits out attire for maps is 10/10

  • Thanks for running great fate events for everyone to enjoy!

Miana Na

  • always there for fun and giving a helpful hand

  • Nananananananananananananananana, eh I don't know where I was going with this...

Sahyu Aran

  • Lovely chill person to be around, so glad they have returned !

Ikko Seiryuu

  • Loves to run content with other ppl

Yu Xiaolong

  • For teaching other about Sage

Lucinda Blossom


Marack Theoman

  • Being funny as hell

Sierra Sapphire

  • For doing great work as a recruiter

Jendris Highwind

  • thank you for sharing your stacks of knowledge with us, ya nerd! (and like just generally being cool to talk to I guess)

Mirumo Galvus

  • incredible gposes and their character lore is incomparable. always friendly and willing to chat with and help others

Zanlayla Aubrey

  • always nice to see them outside the fc, super friendly and always puts a smile on my face

Gregest Big

  • For doing great work as a recruiter

Artemis Hades

  • no reason needed, they are amazing and i have found a good friend in them.

Rudy Fluffybutt

  • was always nice and helpful, also brought me into the guild in the first place

Bow Peep

  • Fun fun fun


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