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So you want to know more about what your Alith Officers get up to?  You're in the right place!

Here in Alith, we're proud to have a team of officers who are not only great friends, but also all share a passion & love for our community!  Our Alithians deserve a leadership team who share the same values, are united as a team, work collaboratively and always put the wellbeing of our members before anything else. 


Cracks or drama within the team, will always impact the harmony in the community, so we're really pleased that we have a team of officers, who are all on the same page and are also the best of friends!  You'll find no drama in the Alith Officer team :)

But . . . what do the officers do exactly?  Most of you will be familiar with some obvious officer tasks such as re-activating buffs, inviting new members and dealing with occasional disruption.  However there is a whole lot more that our officer team do for our community, much of which happens behind the scenes, that not everyone may be aware of! 


While the below is certainly not exhaustive, we wanted to make this article to share an extensive list of most of our officer duties.  While most of the duties are shared between the officers, each officer in the team also has their own specific areas of responsibilities that they own, based on their strengths & passions.

  • Raising new member applications in our forum, discussing each one & voting

  • Maintaining a peaceful & respectful atmosphere & dealing with any disruption / conflict

  • Searching for approved new members in game & inviting them onboard

  • Re-activating FC buffs & purchasing new ones

  • Keeping FC plants watered

  • Checking for new "in-game applications" & reaching out to potential new members for discussion

  • Checking FC member roster for any recent leavers, reaching out to them & raising leaver posts in forum

  • Answering member queries generally (discord and in game)

  • Feeding chocobos in stables & reminding members when they are due to level

  • Issuing & tracking Onions

  • Keeping Discord channels organized (including Member Events & Screenshot Channel)

  • Approving new members in Discord

  • Creating new member posts in Discord new member channel

  • Contributing in discussions & helping to resolve issues in ALL teams (raiding, recruiting, alith-cast,, etc)

Events & Raiding

  • Clem

Recruitment & Recruitment Champions

  • Sierra

  • Clem (supporting with rounds)


  • Belazarus (Production & Direction)

  • Xaert (Presenting)

  • Lucinda (Presenting)

  • Clem (Presenting)

  • Cristina (Presenting)

Alith Awards

  • Cristina (Organization & Promotion)

  • Belazarus (Presenting & Data Management)

Website Administration

  • Belazarus (Admin, Design, Member Management, Inactivity Clears, Publishing News, Emails, Livechat)

  • Xaert (Admin, Member Management, Emails, Livechat)

  • Lucinda (Admin, Member Management, Emails, Livechat, Publishing News)


  • Belazarus (Admin, Development, Event Calendar & Decision Log)

  • Xaert (Alith-Bot & Decision Log)

Handling Disputes or Incidents

  • Belazarus, Clem and Lucinda


  • Xaert

Social Events

  • Xaert (Leading & Hosting Funday Sunday & Seasonal Events)

  • Cristina (Hosting Add-Hoc Events)

  • Badgirly (Hosting Add-Hoc Events)

  • Sierra (Screenshot Competitions)

Social Media

  • Cristina

  • Belazarus

FC Chest

Organization & Monitoring

  • Badgirly 

  • Cristina

  • Sierra

FC Submarines & Airships

  • Sierra

Member Engagement

  • Clem


FC House

Design, Aetherial Wheel & Gardens

  • Badgirly 

The above list certainly doesn't cover every single activity that our officers take on, but it hopefully gives you a general overview of what our officer team get up to, and who you can contact for various activities. 

It's important to realize that being an Officer in an online MMORPG guild, takes up a LOT of spare time, and is NOT a paid job.  All of our officers have actual jobs, studies or family commitments in real life, and give up their own personal time carrying out all these tasks, purely out of their love for our community & for no reward. 

Here in Alith, we're always looking to innovate & embrace new ideas, to keep Alith a home our members can be happy & proud to be a part of.  There aren't many FC's who's officers take on this range & volume of work, so we should all be appreciative of the time they give up, to keep our FC awesome.

You can all be assured that Alith has a solid, tight-knit, positive & collaborative officer team, who are approachable, open minded and hard working.  Most importantly, they truly care about our community here in Alith. 


Let's all support our officer team & appreciate the time they give up for us all here in Alith. 

Alith officers are members too!  So please don't be shy to speak to any of them, anytime, with your ideas, feedback, complaints or praise.  If you'd like to get to know our officers more, or have questions about their role in the FC, we'd encourage you to join our monthly community catch-up events, where members & officers unite to discuss & share everything / anything openly together!

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