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Welcome to the family!  Alith is a big community with so many ways to interact & have fun, so we’ve put together this quick guide to help you get your bearings in the FC, and jump right in to the action!

We’re a casual, pressure-free Free Company, but of course, every community needs to set some expectations of conduct!  We want to stay the respectful, fun-loving family we are, so please do look over our FC Rules for the guidelines that apply across Discord, in-game, and social media channels.

Alith has an amazing team of Officers dedicated to keeping the FC running smoothly - we’re here to support you (and we all love a good chat!) so don’t be shy about getting in touch on Discord or in-game.  You can also contact us via email at  Put a face to the name here!

If you have more specific queries, you can also reach out to our Event Leaders and Recruitment Champions!  You can identify them by their unique roles in-game and on Discord.

The majority of our communication (outside the game) is via Discord, so we highly encourage you to join us there!  We have very active text and voice channels, as well as it being the hub for our announcements and events.  Our Discord server is just for Alith members, so an Officer will need to approve you - join here!

The Alith Discord server is bustling with activity, so make sure to check out the #getting-started channel for some ideas of where to get started!

We pride ourselves on offering an active event schedule, bringing fun content to our members of every level / experience!  Raiding is explained in more detail below, but we also have fantastic Social Events!

Our regular official events include the weekly Funday Sundays - featuring staples such as the ‘publess pub quiz’ and the Eorzea-famous game of ‘sardines’ with our glamorous host Xaert.  We also have a monthly Alith Member Awards ceremony for our members to recognise their fellow Alithians for various acts of kindness and hilarity throughout the month (more details below.)  As well as epic Seasonal Events!

All of our get-togethers, including member-led events, are posted and advertised on Discord - so head over to the #intro-and-alert-role channel for everything you need to know to get started!


Got a great idea for an event?  You don’t need to be an Officer or Event Leader to run it!  Feel free to invite your fellow Alithians along for the fun.

Once you’ve checked out #intro-and-alert-role, don’t forget to sign up for the @event-alert role to be notified about upcoming events!

We have a huge number of fantastic members in Alith, and each quarter we make sure we recognise all those people bringing positivity and fun to the community!

Check out the full Alith Awards page here.

Alithians are able to nominate their fellow members at any point throughout the year!  We currently have three categories that our members can nominate each other for: Above & Beyond, Party Animal, and Newcomer of the Month.

Last, but definitely not least, our ​FC Champion! While taking into account member nominations, this winner is chosen by the leadership team.

Why not get started nominating your fellow Alithians here!

Here in Alith we are lucky to have a dedicated team of Event Leaders, bringing a variety of content for our members on a regular basis!

We offer a wide assortment of events each week: Casual Content & Unsync Farms, Learning Raids/Trials, Completion Raids/Trials, Experienced Raids/Trials.


You’ll also see the Event Leaders posting up polls, to make sure we’re running the content that our members want!

Get started with our dedicated Event Info page!  Feel free to contact one of the Event Leaders via Discord or in-game for more information.

Alith has a large FC house located in Ishgard, and it's your home too now!  Don’t worry, you don’t need to have unlocked the area to get there!  Once you join Alith, you’ll notice a new location in your teleport list that will bring you straight to the house.

We use the FC house as a hub for our regular social events, as well as being expertly decorated by our officer team for seasonal events!  You’ll also find plenty of Alithians relaxing and chatting around the house and market board between duties.  It's a great way to get to meet everyone.

The house has almost every amenity you need, including:

FC Chest: The first four pages of the FC chest inventory are open for our members to take anything they need for their personal use - and to donate any surplus resources to your fellow Alithians!  See the FC Rules for full info!

Chocobo Stables:  Stable your choco to train them up for additional XP - why not collect some extra Krakka roots from the FC chest to train everyone’s choco at the same time!​

Airships & Submersibles:  Alith has a fleet of airships and submersibles that are sent out on exploratory voyages, returning with valuable loot - including rare crafting materials!  If you’re interested in any particular items, feel free to contact an Officer.​

Training Dummies:  Hone your skills on the variety of training dummies in the garden, before kicking back to relax in the various hot baths inside our house.​

Vendors:  Vendors, menders and materia melders! As well a summoning bell, and crystal bell for your regular salon visit!

Market Board:  Vendors not quite cutting the mustard?  Don’t worry, there’s a market board just outside our house down the stairs!

FC Rooms:  Cheaper than an apartment (real or otherwise!) and conveniently located within the FC house - where better to unleash your creative spark?

And don’t forget about the Grade III FC Actions (buffs) we produce using the Aetherial Wheel!  Alith has a rotating schedule of Grade II and III buffs, up 24/7 (subject to Officer availability), to give our members a boost.

Don’t panic! We never remove any members from the FC if they’ve been inactive in-game for up to a month.  Take a nice long vacation, and rest assured that you’ll still be a member of Alith when you return.

We like to make sure our in-game membership represents those actively playing, so if you think you’re going to be away for more than a month, all you need to do is let us know by updating your profile on the website and tell us how long you estimate you’ll be away for!  This will ensure you’re not removed from the FC during our membership reviews.

If for any reason you can’t let us know (or forget!) - we will always email all our members who are removed for inactivity, to let them know they’ll be welcome back with open arms when they return.

We are more than happy for our members to join with their main and alt characters whilst we have space in the FC!  The only thing we ask is that your profile on the website is updated with your main and alt character names, so we can keep track of our members!


Can’t get enough of the FC banter?  Why not check out the Alith-Cast on Youtube and Twitch!  Alith-Cast is our in-house podcast, brought to you by our team of photogenic Casters.  Discussing all things FFXIV from latest game news, patch note updates, to our Casters’ favourite classes, with plenty of laughs along the way!

As you can tell, there are SO many ways to enjoy your time with Alith, and we're constantly evolving / adding new activities, based on our members’ feedback & suggestions.  So what are you waiting for,  join in the fun :)

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