ishgardian restoration333

It's time to band together once again, in our efforts to restore Ishgard, with this latest patch bringing the second Ishgardian Restoration area!  In addition to the new area, we've also received new Ishgard Restoration story & sidequests, new "Kupo of Fortune" reward system, and a complete overhaul of Diadem - turning into a gatherer focused area.  With Ishgard Restoration and Diadem being the two biggest additions in this patch, we've also been treated a hose of smaller additions as well (including new mount, emotes, hairstyles, and more).  But let's be honest, we all know that MOST Alithians are mostly excited about........ Parasols!  We can't wait to dive into the second stretch of restoring Ishgard, and enjoying the new Diadem content with you all.

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Here's a summary of all the new content which arrived with Patch 5.21:

  • New Ishgardian Restoration Area
  • New Ishgardian Story & Side Quests
  • "The Kupo of Fortune" reward system added
  • Diadem Overhaul - gatherer focused with new in-game systems!
  • Expert Crafting Recipes
  • New Emote
  • New Mount
  • New Chocobo Barding
  • New Minions
  • New Dyes
  • New Hairstyle
  • New Furnishings
  • New Orchestrion Rolls
  • New Triple Triad Cards
  • "Echo" added to Eden's Gate Raids

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Belazaurs & The Alith Officers