Patch 5.18's main feature is the removal of Eden's Gate restrictions, along with Season 14 of "The Feast", and various other smaller adjustments.  See below for details!

Patch 5.15 - Content Summary:

Eden's Gate - Restrictions Lifted

  • Weekly restriction of "Blades of Antiquity" has been removed
  • 2 Treasure Coffers will now always appear in all Eden's Gate Savage runs
  • Weekly Entrance restrictions have been removed
  • Players may now enter any stage of Eden's Gate Savage anytime
  • Deepshadow Solvents can now be purchased with Manufactured Coins (from Copied Factory raid)

Other Updates

  • Enemy & Battle animations have been adjusted in large scale Fates, to make things easier to see
  • The Feast - Season 14 has begun
  • Various PvP action adjustments (see patch notes)
  • Various Frontline adjustements (see patch notes)

As always, we'd encourage you to read the full  Patch 5.18 notes page for all the specific details.

Kind Regards
Belazaurs & The Alith Officers