How to use Groovy Bots?

Adjusting The Volume

Just right click on the bot in the voice channel (long press for mobile users) and adjust the volume slider as needed. The volume is separate per bot, so you’ll need to adjust both Groovy and Groovy 2 to suit your preference. 

Playing Music


All members have the ability to play songs or add songs to the playlist (queue.) In order to use the bots, you will need to be in the #song-requests Discord text channel.


Once there, you can use various commands to control the bot.

Both Groovy bots can be controlled through ‘slash’ commands - just type ‘/’ and the list of commands will appear! 


Below are some examples for basic usage:

eg. /play Danger Zone
Groovy will join the voice channel you’re in and play the requested track/playlist. You can use the song title, youtube link (playlist or individual video) or spotify link (playlist or individual song)

Stops playback and clears the current queue

Displays queued song list

Skips current song

Pauses playback

Resumes playback


You can locate the full list of commands here.


Removing Groovy From A Voice Channel


Finished listening? You can use the /stop command to cease playback, and Groovy will automatically leave the voice channel after five minutes. 

Groovy will also automatically leave after five minutes if there are no other users in the voice channel, so don’t worry if you accidentally leave it running! 

If you are having any difficulty using the music bot, have a query or want to raise a concern - please contact any of the Alith Officers.


Live Streaming & Recording

  • Recording and/or live streaming of Alith Savage, learning raids is prohibited (unless consent & permission has been granted by all parties).

  • Please inform ALL participants in Discord and/or party chat that you wish to live stream or record the event. If anyone objects, recording and live streaming is not permitted.

  • FC Chat must not be visible. Party chat may be included provided ALL participants have given permission.

  • We are aware that most streaming software/hosting allows a 5 -10 minute delay of the live stream. Please ensure this is in place for PvP streaming where possible.

Free Company Chest

  • Withdrawals should be made in moderation. Items withdrawn are strictly for your personal use/needed and not for selling or trading to non FC members.

  • Withdrawals can be made from tabs 1 to 4 of the FC chest freely. High value items in tab 5 can be withdrawn from an officer via a request.

  • Storage of personal items in the FC chest is prohibited. Anything placed in the FC chest is at risk of being removed by another member. Alith is not responsible in this event.

  • You may not reserve items.

  • Gil donations to the FC chest will only be used for genuine FC expenses and event prizes.

  • Please refrain from “cleaning” or “organising” the FC chest on our behalf.

  • Officers may occasionally withdraw low value "junk" items, in order to free up space in the chest. Removed items will be sold and profits donated to the FC funds.

  • No loans will be given to members from FC funds.

Free Company Buffs

  • Buffs are determined by majority votes on buff surveys and will have a fixed schedule (subject to change). Officers & Raid Leaders will do their utmost to ensure buffs are continuous but this can not be guaranteed at all times and is subject to officer availability.

  • Ad-hoc temporary change requests to specific buffs are permitted.

  • Requests must be made directly to an officer or raid leader who will check in FC chat for objections. Should no objections be raised the buff will be replaced accordingly and for all the while no members request to revert or natural expiry whichever comes first.

  • Any subsequent request to revert back to schedule will take priority and be implemented immediately.

  • Raid Leaders will activate "Food Buffs" during official Alith FC raids.

  • Officers will activate certain buffs during specific seasonal events (such as where Gil rewards are enhanced).

Alith Parties / Events

You can read more about our raiding rules at our Alith-Raids dedicated page.

  • Groups comprising of non FC members, should be advertised as such in FC chat when trying to recruit FC members.

  • Joining non-Alith in-game groups, discord servers or voice coms, are strictly outside of Alith’s jurisdiction.

  • Rage quitting in FC groups or events is not acceptable. Any conflict between members must be dealt with in private and at the end of the run.

  • If you are attending s scheduled FC Raid Event, you must ensure to arrive on time (or you may be replaced).  You should also ensure you have enough time to attend the full event.

  • Raid Leaders retain the right to choose/change the rules on loot distribution during farm runs to preserve fairness at all times.

    • All group members should agree on looting rules prior to starting a dungeon or group run.​

    • We expect members to only roll on items as "need" in the event that they actually need the item as an upgrade. In all other circumstances please select the greed or pass option.

Alith Awards

You can read all about our Alith Awards programme over at our the dedicated page.

Alith Membership & Characters

  • Secondary in-game characters (Alts) are permitted to join the FC, where maximum capacity is not reached.

  • It is compulsory to update your member profile on our website, with the names of ALL your characters who are in the FC.

  • Members inactive for a minimum period of 30 days, may be removed from the FC. When the FC reaches maximum capacity, this period could be reduced to 7 days at the officers discretion.

  • Where member cap is reached, we will prioritise removing alts (based on activity) over main characters.

  • During inactivity clears all characters will be treated the same. If all your characters have been removed, we will deactivate your website account and contact you via Email.

  • Members going on a break for more than 30 days, should update their website user profile in the activity section, to avoid removal from the FC during an inactivity clear.

Alith Member Ranks


  • Upon joining Alith, players are immediately given the starting rank "Member".

Senior Member

  • This recognises (via promotion), 6 months continuous membership in the FC. Promotions will be awarded at the monthly "Membership Awards Ceremony", if applicable.

  • If a Senior Member leaves the FC, Senior Member rank is lost. Upon re-joining they will restart from Member rank.

  • If a Senior Member leaves temporarily with intention to return and has communicated this to an officer beforehand, “Senior Member” rank will be retained upon return.

  • Members do not receive any additional responsibility or authority, once they achieve Senior Member rank.

Recruitment Champion

  • Recruiters are responsible for helping us to attract new members to our FC.

  • Their role involves advertising the FC in /zone chat channels as well as other mediums.

  • They are your first line of support upon joining the FC.

  • Please show due respect to our Recruiters as they are donating their time and effort fo make the FC an active and vibrant community.

  • We advertise in game with careful consideration to the community, and having gained the approval of Square Enix GM's, we've taken great steps to make sure we're not spamming or being intrusive. If you are interested in "How" we go about recruiting within game, we welcome you to have a read of this post that covers this in more detail.

  • Recruitment Champions are only appointed through an interview/recruitment process. Vacancies will be advertised through Discord & Website.

Raid Leader

  • Raid Leaders are responsible for forming, organising and leading FC raids.

  • Please show the Raid Leaders your support and due respect by listening to their instructions during raids to give everyone the best chance at success.

  • Raid Leaders are only appointed through an interview/recruitment process. Vacancies will be advertised through Discord & Website.


  • Alith-Casters are our members who present in our official FFXIV & FC podcase (Alith-Cast). 

  • You're welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can enjoy watching the show which showcases our Free Company & is packed with Final Fantasy XIV discussion & debate.

  • Alith-Casters are only appointed through an interview/recruitment process. Vacancies will be advertised through Discord & Website.

FC Leader & Officers

  • The FC Leader & Officers are responsible for the general supervision, management and support of the FC and its members, so feel free to contact an officer if you ever need any advice or assistance.

  • They are also responsible for ensuring that Alith's rules and values are respected and adhered to at all times.

  • Please respect the officers, their priority being to help keep the FC running smoothly and to maintain a friendly, warm atmosphere.

  • Officers are only appointed through an interview/recruitment process. Vacancies will be advertised through Discord & Website.

How we protect your personal data

  • By applying to join Alith, you are giving us consent to hold all the information you have provided within our Free Company website member database.

  • NONE of your personal information will be used for any commercial or marketing purposes, and NONE of your personal information will be shared with ANY 3rd parties or unauthorised persons. We are a purely social community, with no business model or commercial endeavours, and have no business relationships with any other organisations.

  • Your details are used SOLELY for us to be able to stay in contact with you and for other FC only related matters.

  • Our website and content is also protected by our security provider, Sucuri; thus, all reasonable precautions have been taken to store your personal data as safely as possible, and is not accessible by anyone other than the FC Leader (Belazarus Alith). However, any information displayed in your user profile, is viewable by the member population and any visitors to our website, but this will never include your email address, which always remains private.

  • If you wish us to remove ANY personal information, or your account in totality, please get in touch with an officer through our "Contact Us" link, or via discord, website chat or in game chat. You can find a list of all the officers on the homepage of our website.

NOTE: These rules are not exhaustive and the officers have full discretion on all matters not covered herein. Decisions by officers are made by majority vote following deliberation and are final.  We are always looking for ways to ensure that our members have a positive experience, so we're always open to your suggestions / ideas.

As we're a casual & social Free Company, we don't impose strict rules or requirements on our members.  We welcome everyone in Alith to play however they like, with whoever they want, whenever they want.  There are no playtime requirements, no skill requirements, no pressure!  All we ask is for members to be courteous & respectful of each other.

We have created the below rules, simply to ensure our community remains a friendly, pressure-free, respectful & welcoming environment.  Most (if not all) of the below is just common sense & good manners.

FC Recruitment

  • It is a requirement to be the age of 16 or older in order to be a member of Alith

    • This is due to us being an adult guild, with occasional mature topics of conversation

  • All players looking to join Alith must apply to our Free Company through our website application.  This enables you to introduce yourselves to us, while giving us the ability to monitor our membership growth, and also grants our members access to lots of useful resources.

  • It takes just a couple of minutes to apply, after which our officers will contact you by email once we've had a chance to review your application.  This can take up to 48 hours, but usually we'll get back to you on the same day!  Thank you for your patience.

FC Conduct & Behaviour

The below guidelines apply to ALL Alith communication channels

(Discord text & voice, in-game chat, website and social media channels)

  • FC members should all be mindful, polite, courteous & respectful when chatting in Alith chat channels.

  • Alith members are not to be made to feel inadequate on FC runs or put under pressure in any way and under any circumstances. Mistakes happen and all members should be patient / understanding.

  • Insulting, name calling or being generally rude to others will not be tolerated. This includes inappropriate conversations or sensitive subjects which could make others feel uncomfortable or offended. (Including but not limited to topics of a sexual nature, strong language, religious / political views, in-game performance etc).

  • Racism, abuse, bullying, offensive remarks, ganging up or any sort of misconduct towards fellow FC mates will not be tolerated and could result in removal from the FC.

  • Although healthy debates are welcomed, arguments between FC members should be discussed in private and not publicly or in Alith chat channels.

  • Failing the above, any personal grievances or dissatisfaction should be brought to an officer’s attention.

  • Encouraging or driving conflict, tension and negativity in any of our chat channels is not tolerated. The community should strive to help defuse disagreements, reach friendly, respectful compromise, not escalate and/or join in.

  • Gil selling or use of "gold sellers", botting, use of cheats, and any breaches of EULA (End User License Agreement) are strictly prohibited and may result in instant dismissal from the FC. Please report anything suspicious to the officers for investigation.

  • All members must understand that Alith is an "English Speaking FC" and English must therefore be spoken at all times.  This is to ensure Alith remains inclusive, to ensure no cliques are formed or suspicion arises from other language conversations.

  • Members must not express derogatory opinions regarding other players (or their guilds) in any of our chat channels or in public.  This reflects poorly on Alith, and goes against our "drama-free" approach.

  • Members should not participate in or instigate arguments with other players within public chat channels or FC chat.

  • Dissatisfaction with another player or FC should be discussed privately and any complaints wished to be raised, must be sent privately to an officer to deal with.

  • Rage quitting the FC or an FC group / raid is not acceptable, as this can cause alarm & disruption in the Free Company. If you leave the FC in this fashion, you might not be permitted to re-join in the future.

  • Please refrain from posting content of an NSFW nature or which could cause offence to other members, this includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, bullying and abuse or ganging up.

    • Please post responsibly. Officers will remove images or content which may be deemed to cause offence to other members.​

  • Please do not advertise any other FCs, services, sales or supplies (yours or otherwise), any content that could break EULA, nor anything else that could be considered as commercial, for profit/non profit, or be detrimental to Alith. In addition, fundraising for charitable causes, whether recognised charities or for individual benefit is not permitted on any Alith channels, including our social media pages.  In the event donations are inadvertently advertised for such charities, donors do so entirely at their own risk and without any recourse via Alith, its officers or other members or responsibility thereof.

  • The Alith Discord server is only to be used by Alith FC members, unless authorised temporarily by an officer.

  • Any members who leave the FC, or are removed, will be automatically removed from the Discord server & website.

  • We encourage opinions / advice during raids on voice channels, but to maintain order in Discord this needs to be done in party chat when the Raid Leader has requested for silence.

  • Alithians should not use the Alith server to post recruitment adverts for other FC's, and should not post invitations to other FC's Discord servers in the communal channels.

  • Alithians should not form separate/private Discord servers, linkshells, FC's or other community platforms with the title "Alith" included in it.  This is to avoid confusion about what is an official Alith group and what isn't.

  • Please refrain from using the mention tags such as @everyone and @here more than once per channel/per day. Officers may use these for important announcements and these are NOT to be considered as spam.

Discord Music Bot (Groovy) Usage

  • All members are permitted to make use of the music bots. The bots can only be controlled with commands typed into the "Song-Requests" text channel in Discord. Please ONLY use this channel for typing commands, and not as a general chat channel.

  • The Music Bot should only be listened to in the "Karaoke Lounge" or a private voice channel, unless agreement has been established by all members in the channel for the bot to be present.  We want our Discord to be a welcoming place for all, so please respect others wishes, and use a private channel or Karaoke lounge when appropriate.

  • Although music with profanity is permitted as we are an adult FC, we would ask that members be considerate of others. In this spirit, In the event that a member expresses discomfort due to music being played with strong language - we ask that members show courtesy and revert to "cleaner" options of songs for that period of time.

  • Music with clearly offensive & inappropriate language (as described in our conduct rules) is not permitted to be played on the music bot.

  • Members should NOT use the music bot to play audio which is not music (sound effects, spoken audio, etc..) Members should also NOT use the music bot to "troll" others, prank others, or to deliberately make others feel uncomfortable - i.e Rick Rolls, parodies, comical videos, etc.

  • Members must NOT spam, i.e. playing the same song repeatedly.

  • Members should also consider others, and give others an opportunity to add their own songs to the queue, and avoid "hogging" the queue with excessive requests. As a rough guide, we would ask that members leave a gap of 3 songs before requesting a second personal choice. The exception to this is where there is no other members requesting any music.

  • Songs played by the bot must be allowed to play fully, and should ONLY be skipped or stopped if ALL members in the channel agree to it.

  • If you are having any difficulty using the music bot, have a query or want to raise a concern - please contact any of the Alith Officers.