If you love being part of Alith, and want to do more to help us grow & develop our community, we'd love to have you join one of our teams!  See below for our latest role vacancies, what they involve, and how to apply!

For those of you who are not yet familiar, Alith-Cast is our FC's official video podcast. It's basically a talk show, presented by members of the Alith community, focused on both the game as well as the Free Company itself. 


Alith-Cast is currently pre-recorded and uploaded onto our YouTube channel for viewers to watch at their leisure. Each episode runs for anything between 1 - 3 hours and features Final Fantasy XIV News & Discussion, Free Company News, Competitions, possibly Special Guests + Interviews, as well as plenty of laughs & jokes!


The show is produced & directed by the FC leader Belazarus and presented by our awesome team of Alith-Cast presenters. Alith-Cast has always been a fantastic way for us to share all the exciting news & gossip from Final Fantasy XIV, as well as a great way for us to communicate with both our community AND the outside world and show our viewers what life in Alith is like. What makes Alith-Cast special, is the fact that the show is presented & put together by a mixture of FC management AND members of our community.


This is why we are looking for YOU to join the team alongside the rest of our casters.  All that’s required is for you not to be camera shy and to enjoy a “good old chat” about FFXIV.

We recommend having a look at our recent episodes of the show, to give you a flavour / taste of what the show is all about:  Alith-Cast - YouTube

Role Description

As our Alith-Cast talk-show presenters are very much representing Alith to the world, and the fact that this is ultimately an entertainment show as much as anything, there are some very specific traits which we're looking for. Have a read of the requirements below, and in your application please address each of them:

  • Active and loyal member of Alith

  • Should totally believe in Alith values and what we stand for as a Free Company

  • Confident and clear communicator in english

  • Role model of Alith's values (mature, respectful, friendly and tolerant)

  • Able to work really well with a team of presenters.  As this is a talk show, chemistry between the presenters is key!

  • Willing to engage in conversation and healthy debate

  • Not shy to share their opinion (if you are shy by nature, honestly this is probably not the role for you!)

  • Should be enjoying Final Fantasy XIV currently, for the most part!

  • Have a Webcam and be prepared to be on video & voice for every episode that you appear in.

  • Willing to work with the officers & presenters on preparing the discussion topics for each show.

  • Able to spare at least 3 hours, once every 2-3 weeks to be on the show (breaks will be fine)

  • Good knowledge of Final Fantasy XIV and it's expansions is extremely desirable! But not mandatory.

  • Good knowledge of Final Fantasy XIV Lore is also desirable, but not mandatory.

Number of Vacancies: Multiple

Closing Date: Closed once we have filled all vacancies

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the show, and feel that you meet all the requirements below, all you need to do is send us an email explaining why you feel you meet each requirement This is a great opportunity for you to help us bring our Final Fantasy XIV show to the world, and to be one of the "Faces" of Alith to the outside community!

Simply contact us expressing your interest and willingness to join the Alith-Cast team. Please drop us an email explaining why you feel you meet the requirements above, and why you're interested in the role. You may contact us by email at

Once we've received your application, we will get in touch with you regarding next steps. We may also want to setup a voice or voice & camera chat with yourself, so that we can get a feel for how you communicate & gel with our existing presenters This will just be a 15 minute or so informal, casual chat.

For further questions please get in touch with Belazarus.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards

Bel, The Alith Officers & Casters