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If you love being part of Alith, and want to do more to help us grow & develop our community, we'd love to have you join one of our teams!  See below for our latest role vacancies, what they involve, and how to apply!

Role Description

This is an exciting & rare opportunity for any of you who cares passionately about the FC, and wants to help us continue to grow and develop as a community.  It's critical that we have enough officer presence, to make sure that our members always have the support they need and expect.

These are just some of the duties you'd be expected to undertake in your role as an officer in the FC:

  • Monitor FC chat and Discord to maintain order, peace and harmony within the FC, while answering any member queries

  • Actively socialise & build friendships with the member population, keeping FC chat & Discord active & positive

  • Actively promote, help organise & participate in FC events & initiatives (raids, social events, member awards, etc)

  • Support the recruitment team with our recruitment efforts

  • Must be willing to dedicate a few minutes each day for admin (raising & voting on new member apps, inviting new members, renewing FC buffs, watering FC gardens, processing leavers, feeding chocobos, etc)

  • Flag any issues identified, with the officers, discuss and then help to introduce solutions

  • Enforce disciplinary action when necessary in accordance with our FC rules

  • Attend occasional Discord officer meetings to discuss issues, challenges, new ideas and improvements

Number of Vacancies: One

Closing Date: Friday 6th October, Midnight CET



  • Must be an "Active" member who is playing & enjoying FF14 regularly (unless on holiday or taking a break due to ill health, etc). 

  • If you are already expecting / planning a "long break" from the game in the near future, then we'd advise not to apply for this role at this stage.

  • Discord text usage is required, voice chat is desirable but not mandatory

  • 100% loyalty & commitment to the FC, and playing FF14 as your main game / MMO

How to Apply

All you need to do is drop us an email at explaining why you're interested in this role, and why you feel you would be a successful part of the team!

We’re not expecting a novel! But please share as much info as possible, so we can get a real understanding of your motivations for wanting to join, and also what Alith means to you!  Feel free to share what you think of the current state of the FC and if you have any
new ideas to bring to the table.

In some cases, we may contact you to arrange a short informal chat if we feel we need additional information or clarification.  Once the closing date has passed, and we've reviewed all the applications,  we will contact you directly with the next steps.

Additional Info

We will only appoint officers who we feel totally & completely share Alith's values, share our vision for the future of Alith and we feel will fit in and work well within the team.  A healthy, positive team ethos with the shared goals & vision for the Free Company, is critical to the success of our team.


We will also only accept applications from members who are NOT already active officers / leaders of other guilds / FC's. We want to ensure that ALL Alith Officers are 100% committed to Alith and it's members. All members of Alith are welcomed to apply!


We have a lot of fantastic members in our community right now, but only one vacancy. We don't want anybody to be disappointed, but we cannot give the role to everyone who applies, so please don't take it to heart if you aren't selected this time around.  We may have to turn down people who are excellent choices, simply because we don't want to have an officer team that's too large, so will only be able to bring in 1 at this time.


If you'd like to know anything else about the role, please get in touch with Belazarus or any of the officers for more info!


Kind Regards

Bel & Your Alith Officers


Hi Everyone!


We’re looking for new Recruitment Champions! We are very much in need of re-building our recruitment team as soon as possible.  Recruitment is very much the lifeblood in Alith and ensures that we keep our community active, vibrant & alive!

Role Description

The recruiters role is VERY flexible and you have the freedom to choose how much you wish to help out, at times that work for you!  As a Recruitment Champion, you will work alongside your fellow Champions & Officers, primarily to attract potential new members to us, and help us maintain a steady stream of new member applications. Regular tasks can include:

  • Assisting with posting in game FC adverts in /shout chat channels (you can choose your slots)

  • Chatting with potential new recruits in game, including answering general queries about life in Alith.

  • Sharing feedback & views on potential new candidates (you will not be expected to review actual applications, but your feedback will be valuable in helping officers decide outcomes)

The team is led by Belazarus, who recently rejoined the officer team!  This role is super flexible, so doesn't need to take much time out of your day at all, and we encourage you to take breaks from recruiting too.  We would ask that you be able to commit at least an hour a week on average to active recruitment activities.


As you will be a public face of Alith, often using public chat channels in game, you will inevitably come across "trolls" occasionally, who can say mean things. You should be able to stay positive & professional, and not engage with these comments.  A thick skin & emotional resilience is a must in this role!


Besides that, it's very easy to be a recruiter in Alith.  You just need to be comfortable putting Alith's name out there & comfortable having the odd conversation with strangers curious about Alith.

How to Apply

All you need to do is drop us an email at explaining why you're interested in this role, and why you feel you would be a successful part of the team!  Alternatively, you can just message Belazarus in Discord, sharing the same info.

We’re not expecting you to write a novel, but it would be grat to get an understanding of your motivations for wanting to join the recruiters team, how you feel you'll deal with "the trolls" and also what Alith means to you!

We may contact you to arrange a short informal chat if we feel we need additional information or clarification. 

Number of Vacancies: Multiple - we're re-building the team!

Closing Date: Closed once we have a full team in place

This is a pretty easy role to get into but is hugely important & valuable for the FC too, so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, then please do get in touch.  If you have any questions about the role, or would like more details, please reach out to Belazarus (or any other Officer!) You can contact us in Discord, in game or you can email us on the address mentioned earlier.


Kind Regards

Belazarus & the Alith Officers

We’re looking to expand our team with additional event leaders to help us provide fun and pressure-free events for our members! 

We want our members to be able to enjoy content in FFXIV in the Alith spirit - meaning a welcoming, supportive environment where it’s okay to make mistakes, and the aim is to have a great time with friends rather than focussing only on the numbers! 


Role Description

As an Event Leader you would be working with your fellow team members to organise events that members can feel assured align with our Alith principles!


This does not need to be endgame content, we want to be able to provide as wide a variety of events as possible, from Savage Raiding to Crafting, from Deep Dungeons to Mount Farms, anything goes! 


Expectations would include:


  • Organising & posting events via Discord using the raid-helper bot

  • Regularly checking the team Discord channel to ensure you’re up to date on important changes, and communicating with your fellow Event Leaders

  • Answering occasional queries from members regarding our events, or directing to the right place

  • Maintaining a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere during events

  • Having patience and, where relevant, being able to instruct members on tactics/strategies in a clear, supportive and tolerant manner

  • Able to handle team discussions and admin confidentially

  • Use of Discord Voice during events is preferred, but not essential depending on content!

We understand you'll be volunteering your time for this role, so your schedule is up to you to decide and communicate with your teammates. 

Number of Vacancies: Multiple

Closing Date: None. May be closed in future once capacity is reached.

How to Apply

All you need to do is drop us an email at explaining why you're interested in this role, and why you feel you would be a successful part of the team! 


When we’ve reviewed your application we will contact you directly with the outcome either way. In some cases, we may decide to appoint new Event Leaders immediately.

This is a fun and rewarding role, so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, then please do get in touch. If you have any questions, or would like more details, please reach out to any of the Officers, or to the existing Event Leaders, to get a feel for the role. You can contact us in Discord,  in game message, or email us.


Looking forward to receiving your application!


Kind Regards

Clem & The Alith Officers

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Event Leader
Recruiment Champions
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