Alith is a friendly, social, casual, mature, PvE guild (Free Company) located on the Cerberus server of Final Fantasy XIV Online. 

For over 11 years, we've built a reputation of being a respectful & fun focused community who offer a non-pressured, supportive & welcoming environment.  We don't impose strict rules on our members, but promote an ethos of "play the way you like, when you like, with whoever you like".  

We don't get involved in guild politics or drama, but encourage a spirit of positivity, tolerance and respect.  In Alith you can expect to see regular events, an active Discord & FC chat, helpful people and of course plenty of jokes & banter! 

Our experienced & dedicated officer team are totally committed to FFXIV & we're looking forward to many more years in Eorzea with you all.  Having achieved 1st place in the official FC rankings multiple times, without ever compromising on our values, we want to be known as THE PvE community that everyone wants to join in Final Fantasy XIV Online!

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FC Leader


Clem is a die hard Alithian who's been a committed member of the Alith family & Final Fantasy XIV, for many years.  Clem is 35 years old, lives in Wales and IRL works within the insurance industry.  He's been playing FFXIV ever since Beta, and while he'as always played White Mage as his main, he's recently gotten into Sage - healing is his jam!  Clem can often be found levelling various classes, raiding and also enjoys just hanging out in voice chat, socializing with friends.  

Outside of FFXIV, Clem does enjoy playing Total War Warhammer as well as cooking - loves all things food in general and loves trying new things!

Clem loves the Alith community, having been both a member and a raid leader prior to taking the step up into the Officer role.  He's eager to help Alith continue to grow and flourish in the future, and see's being part of this leadership team a real privilege.  Clem has a wicked sense of humour & doesn't take himself too seriously.  He's well known for keeping the mood fun & in good spirits with his hilarious one liners and banter.  He's a great all round helpful & positive guy, so never hesitate to give him a wave if you pass him by on your travels!

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Event Leader

Closing Date:  None

Enjoy leading & organising community events or raids?  Why not make it official & join the Event Leader team!

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Closing Date:  None

Do you love our FC and want to do more to help our community grow & stay active?  Why not join our Recruitment Champion team?


Roof Pigeon

Alith is an amazing place if you're looking for a well structured, fun, weird (the good weird!), active, social, event-focused place. There are always people around to chat and game with. Both on voice and on text. They're also very welcoming no matter your background.


I joined Alith coming from an FC that followed Alith with envy and it showed in their behaviour. The indoctrination of negativity made me check Alith out by myself and I've found none of the bad things I heard were true. Within my first month I was already integrated so much in the group that I won two monthly Alith awards! It really feels like home! That's unique and I love it!


Valentyne Cariad

You guys have been amazingly warm, helpful and given me so many laughs in the short time I've been here so far. 

You have shown me such kindness, helping to restore my faith in gaming communities!


Wa'fayik Tia

Alith is like my second family now. It's been 3 years that I'm part of the adventure, and it truly felt like I was here since I'm born.

I lived so many incredible moments of laughter and fun with these folks, in both victory & in wipes alike.  I will cherish these memories until the end of times!


Son Storm

Thank you for all the good memories, epic parties and fun experiences. 

You guys make this game even better!


Kazaori Ittetsu

Alith has been more of a family to me than a lot of other guilds in a lot of different games.  Lots of like minded people, lots of high quality banter and most of all, the most fun I've had in gaming in ages.

10/10 would pyramid again!  ;-)